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I read someone's post on here about 3 months ago about how their IBS was much better since going Vegan. I am thrilled to report that I've gone Vegan (I was a pescatarian before so didn't have too much to change) and am feeling so much better. I still tend to keep away from too much Fructose but am eating any vegetables.

I had a hiccup the first week as I think the Vegan cheese I made didn't agree with me but the cheese in the supermarket is ok. I'm going to try another recipe though for cheese.

I thought this was worth a try and I'm really glad I did it, I'm not going back.

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Hi crazyfitness, I have had the same experience since going vegan, I went vegan of August last year and have been 90% better. The other 10% is still if I eat too much my stomach is bloated and feels like its been kicked the day after. I still occasionally have a day where Imynot vegan, actually all over Christmas last year I wasn’t vegan, however, I did not have cows milk unless it was cooked on food and I was still fine.

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crazyfitness in reply to Algorfa

Hi Algorfa , I'm really pleased it's worked for you as well, 90% is good. I know it's not for everyone but I'm so pleased it's worked for me.

Also, there is a group on Facebook where it's a Low FODMAP diet for vegans.

Here's to what makes each individual feel better 😀

You have to see what works for you. Not everyone is same. Being vegan works for some ppl. For some not. For some a 75% vegan diet 25% non vegan diet works. You have to understand your body and decide your diet. I would suggest while giving suggestions try to be positive. No point trying to tell someone whose trying to improve their health that it’s not going to work just because you are not doing the same thing.

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crazyfitness in reply to Laxmik

Agree that it works for some and not others but I'm so happy after having IBS for 22 years that it's worked for me.

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Laxmik in reply to crazyfitness

I am happy it is working for you. Do what makes your health better. 😊

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crazyfitness in reply to Laxmik

Thank you, it certainly is working for me.

Hi there Blobsss, it's worked for me and I'm sticking to it. I haven't eaten meat in a very long time as I don't actually like it. This diet has worked for me.

No I'm eating Vegan cheese.

Thank you and it's working for me which is good.

Hi crazyfitness, I read your post with interest, am I correct in thinking you did have IBS-C? I to have had this problem many years, and just seems to be getting worse. My IBS-C is a little strange as I never get the problem of having to strain, but hardly pass any stool every day, leaving me feeling bloated most of the time. I know my problem is food intolerances, but pin pointing the offenders is tricky. One thing I find strange is that some foods, really help me to go to the toilet, but then I can’t go again for a few days, as though there is a delayed reaction to the offending food, which stops my digestion, leaving food stuck in my tummy. I do try to stick to low FODMAPS, but this doesn’t work any more. If this problem is similar to yours I may give the diet ago.

Hi bigbunbun3 it is certainly worth giving it a go. Yes I did have IBS C but I did strain quite often I tend to go normally now. I'm loving the diet, it takes some work bug it's worth it.

All the best to you.

Hi crazyfitness, thank you for your reply. I am so pleased that you have found some thing that really helps you. I have been given a very low fibre diet to try by my Gastroenterologist, haven’t started it yet but I will, along with taking a liquid laxative. He said try it for a month and see how I go. Best to do what he suggests first, but I will read up on the Vegan diet. Hope you keep well 😀

I should have mentioned Golden Linseeds, if you soak around a dessertspoonful in around 2 3rds mug of water and soak for around an hour and then drink, it worked wonders for me, I would try that before laxatives and it's natural.

Here's to you getting better 😀

Aw thank you, yes I’v tried the linseed and chia seeds soaked, they worked for a while but not consistently. I agree, not looking forward taking the laxatives, but I may only use them to clear my system to begin with, then go from there 😀

That's such a shame, if I think of anything else I'll let you know. I really hope they work for you.

Hi thank you 😀

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