I have ibs bit of diverticulitis and last year had touch of food poisening gasroenteritis viral infection lost lot body fluid shivery icy cold chills on off for weeks and weaknesd in legs never felt so scared with unsupportive family no friendsand alone was really frightened phoned ambulance few times was dehydrated had rehydration sachets buscapan paracaetomol no one could help me it was hell never want 2 experience that again just had to suffer alone and get it out of my system was dehydrated dont know if got crohns etc but i love milk bread etc always bloated fat middle n tummy pot belly buddah lol my diet rubbish cant eat big meals as get too full eat very little meals not good i dont have solution to pain discomfort but guess drinking lots of warm water and massaging tummy etc may help someone mention fluid drink you can get but dunno about that very nice lady i know age 72 died mothers day from problems with her tummy n chrohnes disease when her tummy got upset and maybe had dehydration etc her husband went out to get medicinal drink she was dead when he returned very scarey too be ill anyone reading this look after yourself well n take good care of yourself n your friends family n elderly getting older weaker ill sicker etc is not good fun and get give support best you can

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  • I was sorry to read how you have suffered with IBS/Diverticulitis and food poisoning. I have spent all this year struggling with the same symptoms. The last month I have had a pain in the lower left side of my abdomen and was given small doses of antibiotics but I've now become so ill, feeling chilled and shaky that I have now been prescribed 2 different sorts of antibiotic together so I hope this does the trick. It'a hard to describe how ill this can make you feel. All I want to do is be in bed with a hot water bottle. Thank you for posting your experience, I think it is important to drink lots of fluids especially with upset tummys and horrible diahorrea. Take care and hope you are having a better spell at the moment.

  • Thankyou for kind message yes being ill is horrible very scarey if cant get help from nhs etc i felt i was gonna die as felt very very weak shaky legs hot n icy chills etc last year from food poisen gastroenteritis viral infec one led 2 other due to some fish i ate in a pub or bad hygiene etc hope you get better soon drink lots water etc there should b more reasearch on medical illnessess etc gudluck

  • Get better soon thanx 4 reply x

  • Hi YEs, I sympathise with you I live alone and have bin callapsed on bathroom floor etc

    I have paid for my funeral already cos I know my family are broke. Housing no to contact my son if anything happens to me; then he can execute the funeral plan.

    I am always aware that if I suffer a stroke are whatever, I dont stand a chance has, I am all on my own exept, for my colli dog.

  • Hi so very sorry you not well do not hesitate 2 phone ambulance or good friend or neighbour if unwell its very frightening if alone and very ill n suffering last year i was very ill dehydrated due 2 fluid loss very very weak and scared i concentrated on and played mobile phone game tried 2 take my mind off how scared n weak shivery i was feeling helped me a bit have 2 look after yourself a lot as if you dont n got no one too do so can get very ill etc good luck take care keep smiling drink lot water eat well n rest etc

  • I suffer with colitis have to watch what I eat, corn and wheat cause me problems, so I eat wheat free bread, and have goats milk when I want to make custard or a sauce. Going gluten free does work stops the boating for me. Best of luck.

  • Thankyou for text gud luck with tummy probs have healthy n happy xmas

  • Thanx 4 text gud luck with tummy probs have healthy n happy xmas x

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