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Still worrying over stomach discomfort


Still suffering with stomach discomfort and trapped wind. Been going on and off for 6 weeks. Started with heartburn so upped dose of ppi, and taken gaviscon and kolanticon when needed. Heartburn seems to have settled but very bloated and uncomfortable, and have rumblings and wind type pains everywhere. Also bit constipated, not sure if this is symptom or result of medication or both! Gp referred me to see about possibly having gallbladder removed, have a stone which she wasn’t sure may be causing my probs. Showed up on ultrasound last year, but showed no probs then. Have poss got to wait 18 weeks for appointment! Just feeling really desperate as when wind type pain starts it’s so painful, and I’m going away in 2 weeks, just dreading it. Going to see Gp again this week, but doubt she do much, just be ibs and anxiety. 😢 wish I could switch my head off and stop stressing!

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