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Flare up


I've had ibs for over 30 year's but the last week I've had a really bad flare up, gripping pains and rushing to the loo but only once a day and diarrhoea and being very sore afterwards. I've been like this before but it usually clears up after about a week or so also I can't seem to fart apart from when I'm on the loo. I'm fed up with having ibs I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy it's totally ruined my life.

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Hi just wanted to say i hope your symptoms have eased up now. Poor you. IBS is bloody awful i have not long been diagnosed with it and i could weep. Well i have done some days. I have no clue day to day how i am going to be. I just cant seem to judge it and when im bad its so sudden and can drain me for days. I wish you all the best and hope you feel loads better very soon. Jill

Hi Hollings, I too have had IBS for over 30 years and just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel, I always say when I die if there is a heaven (which I doubt) that I will ask for a refund for all the lost time. Maureen.

Welchol or Colestipol will stop diarrhea in it's tracks!

Hi Hollings.

Also long time sufferer. Got it when 21 now 71 , so I know how you feel . As Maureen 1958 said , a refund for lost time would be great . Don't think so though. Like you , I get bad flare ups from time to time but we have to remember that there are many worse things to get ill with . Things that actually kill you , put you in a wheel chair , make you blind and so on.

It is horrible and it does ruin many things but maybe best to keep perspective , it could be much worse.

Hope you feel better soon .


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