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Another flare up???

Hi, we'll what a day I've had, had a latte at work last night and I'm now paying the price, does anybody else get a flare up which includes a burning pain in my chest, I thought I was having a heart attack!, which then stressed me out, which then made me nauseous, I've been feeling good lately and have worked myself up again, thinking there is something so wrong, I've had a barrage of tests, which I'm pleased to say have been all good, haven't got my CT scan results yet, and they took scans of my chest abdomen and pelvis, which I found unnerving, I'm writing my blog today so I can at least put it down in writing about how I'm feeling, sorry all for rambling on, this IBS lark is horrendous, if only people knew what we all go through, thank you for listening

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Hi Cimmy - im struggling to get my head round this curse - been feeling great then had a couple of slightly charred sausages on sunday and haven't been right since - the stomach pains and sickie feeling are unbearable.

Nice to see your docs are giving u the works, I know this can be worrying (I have a procedure on Monday) but hopefully all will be well for you and your worries over - hope your feeling better soon



Than you mucks for your reply, I hope your procedure goes well on Monday, sorry for rambling on, it is just frustrating, and yes I agree with you about the nausea, sometimes I just want to feel normal again.

Hope all goes well



It's good to say what your thinking as people don't understand if they haven't been through it, I had that same feeling last week when I had a cup of tea, I have now started drinking decaf which seems to be better, I know how u felt its very scary, wish u all the luck with your test results.


Hi Cimmy, hope your test results are all negative and you can relax. Having said that, I've had lots of tests and still worry when I'm feeling particularly bad. It's all part of it, I suppose. Also, hope that things go well on Monday for you, Muckster. I've got a CT Scan to look forward to on Monday, but this time it's about a large kidney stone. If it's not one thing...


Every empathy with you over a flare up. I am wondering if what what triggered my flare up last Friday and it is still ongoing might be the coffee at the hairdressers. I asked for decaff and extra water as I can't take anything unless it is very dilute and I reckon it probably wasn't. I always say no biscuits, no milk and they never get that right either, so I won't risk it again without checking when they actually bring it.


Hi have they checked you for ulcers?? mine were picked up through a colonoscopy in my ilium (bit connecting small intestine to large bowel..the burning sensation mirrors how i feel without lansoprazole (which i now take daily). Also do you take any NSAIDs?? they can cause ulcers and are to be avoided at all costs if you have any type of bowel disorder.

Its good that you are getting checked out, avoid caffeine as much as possible and alcohol as both irritants.

Hope things improve for you soon.


Than you all for your comforting comments, I'm so glad I'm part of this forum, somehow you don't feel so isolated, it's the only place I know where your all aware of what is going on.

Once again a big thank you


Cimmy - you are in good company. This condition is literally and metaphorically a pain in the ass. And there are times when it's so hard to stay calm and keep things in perspective. And so frustrating because it's often impossible to pinpoint what might have caused a flare up.




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