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Diarrhoea all night

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I have been awake all night with the most painful diarrhoea of my life. I suffer from IBS-D and can manage it fairly well but I think this could be a stomach bug/ food poisoning. I would usually be on the Imodium but as I don’t think it’s ins related I want to try and let it run it’s course and flush out whatever is bothering me. The pain is pretty unbearable though. Any advice on what I can do about the sharp abdominal pain without taking diarrhoea meds. Would paracetamol work?

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Hi, how are you today? I would say paracetamol would be ok to take but whether helps or not! Hopefully whatever it was had run its course for you! Xx

I would get in touch with your Dr let him know how bad you are and get his advise let me know how you get on thinking of you.

Thank you for your replies, visited the doctor later that day after I began bleeding pretty bad too and couldn’t shift the pain. Turns out I have a pretty bad case of food poisoning, currently waiting on results as to which strain of bacteria caused it (ecoli, salmonella etc). Thankfully after some antibiotics and lots of fluids I’m feeling much better today!

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