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Pain worse 30 minutes after food


Does anyone get pain soon after food. I am habkng a badcf, are. Pain 2 inches from navel on left. Wraps round back and goes a bit lower but never lower abdo itself . My ibs has changed over the years. Had this in febeuary had scans etc all clear once again. Just told ibs go live with it. It is near the splenic flexture but I am not sure how far to the side that is. It is like a stitch and then after food bad coIicky waves. Had it for about 5 days but today is worse. Just wondered if it sounds familiar and does food quickly make your pain worse

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If someone told you to "live with it" they are in the wrong profession. It sounds like it may be a diverticulitis flare up..but I would definitely do some testing such as Colonoscopy, sigmoidscopy, X-rays, intolerance, or celiac intolerance testing. Please find another gastroenterologist, or Colon and Rectal surgeon. Don't take "just live with it" for an answer. Demand answers..get as much testing as's your health, and it's most important and to be taken seriously. Ask questions. Bring a list with you, since they can only spend minimal time. A neurologist is also a good specialist to go don't let anyone dismiss you.

I completely agree with what Eliana said. Please follow her advice. There are treatments -maybe not cures - but treatments. Also, you want to have tests to make sure it is nothing more.

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