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Pain after probiotics

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Please has anyone had worse pains after yakult or any probiotic. I now have constant pain moving all over abdomen left right upper lower. Dont tolerate many meds but thought this was safe. Very scared it wont go. Please anyone else had this

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Are you taking a probiotic capsul, mine has to be taken after main meal with cold water only, if that helps, I don't get any reaction good or bad from taking Yakult and one probiotic, tho I read one should take a prebiotic as well as the probiotic as they work well together each doing something, but it gets a bit expensive so,I haven't done that yet.

I can't help you with the about the pain, I,think our insides are so complicated and we all react differently to,things which leaves doctors at a loss to,understand what we are trying to,explain as individuals unfortunately. And even when they say there is nothing wrong it's not always easy to,accept.

Can you explain a bit more what,problem are you,trying to get relief from.

I get a lot of,pain under right rib, which is gallstones being investigated, and various other abdomen pains which scans are clear so I,think they must be from adhesions from bowel and hernia operations.,especially when I lift, bend or twist, have you,had internal ops maybe.

oR maybe it's very severe wind pain which ..sorry I am not really helping but send you best reply,if,you,want to

Hather x

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My pain started under sternum and round rt. Rib. So I took the yakult drink. It is now constantly moving over lower abdo 2 days now. Have had ct 13 months ago pelvic mri 10 months ago and abdo ultrasound 2 weeks ago all clear. Just wonderdd if pains moving around were typical ibs or if probiotics can cause this. Tks for replying


I had this, I took the advice to try probiotics, I don't know if it was the particular one I tried, but it definitely gave me pain, the pain moved, and got better when I stopped.

I've talked with a couple of consultants and read quite a lot about the "microbiome" (our colony of gut bacteria) and found out that it is unique to each one of us - so no 2 people have exactly the same bacteria composition in their gut - hence why some probiotics help some and not others. If you keep trying all the different onces you might find the one that suits your particular gut - but then you'd be broke! (I've tried a lot and spent a lot of money, only to be made worse in some instances.) The low FODMAP diet does render you low in 2 bacteria but I don't know for how long - noone has tested that as far as I know. Some probiotics contain Fructo-oligosaccarides. This is something that you should lower if you are on a low FODMAP diet - so that might be why some people are made worse.

Someone (?USA) has done a study of the relationship between how much you vacuum the house and your gut bacteria and found a connection!

I just read last night, in Dr. Nick Read and Dr. Joan Ransley's new book "Cooking for the Senstive Gut" that "probiotiocs help SOME people." This book is a good summary of the whole gut/IBS problem as well as recipes.

I hope that helps.

Yes I have tried both Symprove and Alflorex and found they made the wind, bloating and pain a lot worse. Wish I had followed advice from years ago that if you are very sensitive, it's best to start with a very small amount and gradually increase the dose, so that your system gets used to it slowly.

Thank you all so much it has helped eased the worry. Pain is not quite as bad but still moving all the time. Does anyone know how long it can take to clear the probiotic from your system

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