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Yellow stools


Hey ideas wondering if anyone one else ever suffered from yellow stools, sometimes loose regardless of what eaten, I used to be an alcholic, had all the test blood work, ultrasounds, ct and colonoscopy nothing ever been found so have been diagnosed with ibs, but have had yellow stool for a year now anyone one ever have simlar problems? I still worry it could be something worse

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I did at one time. Once I cut out all dairy and got my stomach to calm down some it stopped.

Hi there I’ve been having the same problem , bowels have been checked and there’s nothing wrong , a friend suggested I try actimel every day , and I’m pleased to say it’s worked , my motions are back to normal again, my digestive system seems to be working better to as my body is digesting peas, sweetcorn etc which it wasnt doing before

Yellow stool indicates gluten intolerance. I stopped gluten and my stool went back to brown.


Any result from this? I got ibs and had a couple light brown/ yellow motions lol, had same last year but cleared up once i chilled out etc

Hi whiskerton, Hello everyone. was your stool always coloured yellow every single day? Like yellow-yellow? Or brownish yellow? I experience brownish yellow stool almost everyday too. I had high LFTS’s on 2 testing and 3rd time all came back normal. I’ve had ultrasound and my liver’s “unremarkable” based on test. However, i do have gallstones. Gallstones can cause yellow stools according to what i’ve read online.

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