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Colonoscopy/Endoscopy done! And results are in~


Im back!

As promised, now that I’m done with my procedure and back home again, a bit of a status update on the whole thing ^^ (and heads up for any who may be squeamish, I don’t sugar coat the details sooo fair warning x3)

Know many of you have likely had a colonoscopy, and like those who have it’s not the procedure that got to me...nor the 3 Bisacodyl tablets I took day before, they’re easy to get down at least! It was the freaking 250ml of magnesium citrate (day before, gods that smelt and tasted bitter as heck!) and the 3L of Glycoprep-C (1L day before between 7 and 8pm (took me nearly two and a half hours to get it all down!), and 2L day of (between 7am and 9am; though I started at 6 given how long it took to drink last time, got practically all down) I had to drink as prep that did! Just ugh, mean if they’re gonna make you drink so much of the stuff could least make it take good. Smelt like an orange gummy Lolly, tasted like a melted and watered down orange gummy Lolly. Blegh! I didn’t quite get it all down, kept gagging and near puking on the last couple cups so I just chose to stop... I was already practically peeing from my front and back by that point anyway and it was running clear light yellow as I was told would show I was cleaned out.

Anyway, once got past that, let the stuff do it’s thing, showered of course, got into my comfy clothes and headed off (my Mum kept me company x’3). Can say I felt quite ugh by this point...tired, surprisingly not that hungry, cold, nauseous, and as expected, my bum hurt too...

Do gotta say applying Vaseline beforehand and nappy rash type creams after really lessens it though!

Mean still sore after all that but, likely worse without. The Vaseline acts like a barrier and the rash cream kinda cools it off. Handy hint for any going for one soon. Also found just, sitting atop my bathroom throne aka the toilet and letting it flow as needed instead of constantly wiping after each bout also lessens the soreness a bit, or maybe I’m just lazy lol. Really didn’t wanna go and leave my bathroom sanctuary by this point but pushed on and made it to the hell I wasn’t gonna get there and miss out after going through all that! Lol

As usual when go in for a day procedure had to wait a while. But thanks to my latex allergy I did get to go in almost first, dining waited maybe half hour to hour, which was a nice perk and which was super great cause I wanted it over and done with already so could eat and drink normally again.

Was kinda funny though when they wheeled me in, one of the docs asked the anaesthetist if he needed to consult Dr Google as he’s prepping the sedative (think reassured me when he said he didn’t need it haha). Oh and when they got me to lay on my side the nurse said, and I quote “stick your bum out like your been rude” lmao x’DD Ah Aussie docs, got that humour. Was nice though cause felt super nauseous and hella nervous so that did help ease me a little.

After getting both the endoscopy and colonoscopy done (whole process only took 7mins 14secs according to the report!) had my sandwich and my juice, just chillaxed. Did take an allergy tablet cause the side of my face that had been against the pillow was not happy. Reacted to something, but that’s just my allergies and Ezcema playing up. After couple hours and a cold press later the eye has almost stopped been swollen and nose on that side is still quite blocked, reckon sinus cause it’s pressure right through nose and under eye or something kicking up but ah well. It’ll go down! Taken allergy tablets and some cold meds, now awaiting them to kick in. Overall we (Mum and I) were in and out in about 3hrs~ got there just before 12pm when I was due to check in and left just after 3pm. Got caught in school traffic on way home but that’s okay ^^

And the results were that there was nothing out of the ordinary really. They did remove a small 3mm polyp they found and course took some biopsy’s, but overall they concluded nothing obvious going on so was likely a functional bowel disorder (FBD) which, is basically meaning it is IBS as my doc thought. They’ve recommended I see a dietician and start a Low FODMAP diet and have suggested a few things to try to mange it (Colofac aka Mebeverine - anyone tried that??) that I’m to discuss with my normal doctor once the full results are in in a couple weeks~ Kinda nice to know it’s definitely what thought though, even if wish had been something found that could be cured.

Lol I did get complimented on my excellent prep work though pfttt x’DD

And yeah, that’s the story. Overall it went smoothly and without a hitch. It mentions on my report to go back in 5yrs and do a surveillance colonoscopy, think just to be on safe side and ensure nothing has developed. Hopefully by then they got better prep methods! Lol

Anyway, all over. Now just gonna rest up, take it easy, reintroduce foods back to my stomach and let the system return to normal functions again~ ^-^

Think that’s everything! Thanks to all those that wished me well with the procedure~~ :D

-Keira, Out

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Kiera9653 hi if the colonoscopy did not hurt you may not have IBS D. But I have, and have been on the FODMAP way of eating for 4 months and it has changed my life!! The book can be got from the library, if you are short of cash. And you have to follow it strictly. But you can eat things like steak and chip and egg and bacon. I expect you have looked on the internet at the diet sheets which will start you off. Good luck.

I was dead to the world when it was happening to I wouldn’t have even known if it hurt ^^; I’m little sore this morning after getting up and moving around, especially stretching, but kinda expected that after the procedure. Anyway I still gotta consult my GP once the pathology results are all in next week and go from there. Think I’ll just stick with FBD for now until otherwise told and confirmed it is IBS-D (guarantee it’s not IBS-C lol).

My sisters actually been on the elimination diet so my households already got the low FODMAP foods list taped to the fridge and we got lots of recipe links stashed haha so I’ll go through them now I’m going to go on it myself and just take it step at a time ^-^ Glad to hear the FODMAP diet has helped you that much! Got my fingers crossed it’ll help me the same cause taking diarrhoea relief capsules every time I gotta go out (which is what I was doing before) is not really the best management method I think x’3



keira9653 in reply to Ninorod

Thanks ^-^

Thanks for your frank reporting of your experience. I am due for a colonoscopy on 22nd of June, and I am a bit apprehensive. You have helped my nerves quite a bit. I was planning to travel to the hospital by train, but as you report feeling nauseous, I will now reconsider and get a lift. Really not looking forward to the prep, I am not good with bitter flavours, but have made a note to get some Vaseline and nappy cream for the aftermath.

keira9653 in reply to BabsyWabsy

I’m glad it could ease your nerves a little and help with the, expectation of what’s to come ^-^

Definitely recommend getting a ride in by car and back home, little reassuring to know you’ve got that for before and after instead of having to tackle crowds and such too. Cause yeah I felt quite blegh and the urge for bathroom was still lingering for me so that was one less stress before the procedure.

The prep is definitely not fun. If you have the same stuff I did, I found adding some apple juice to the magnesium citrate drink made it easier to get down cause that was the worst stuff to get down...the other stuff, there’s just so much that makes it difficult but straw is definitely good to have cause means little less tasting of the stuff ^^; I mixed it with water but maybe mixing it with some orange cordial or apple juice could make it taste little better. Just a thought.

Just tackle it one bit at a time, don’t rush it, and stick to the instructions as closely as possible (minus the time frame to drink the large amount of stuff...) to guarantee the complete flush out so no chance of having to redo it! That was my driving force haha get it right first time so don’t have to repeat.

Oh! And I got some advice from a lady after the procedure (of course) while we were having our sandwiches and juice that she’d been suggested to use wet wipes instead of toilet paper to wipe afterwards, apparently it’s less rough and also cooling which lessens the soreness a lot! I got the pro tip a bit late to use but hopefully that’ll help you ^^ Allowing day off next day is good to cause I was a little sore today after moving around so easy day is good day to have x3

Best of luck with the process and procedure when it’s time! I’m sure it’ll go smoothly as well and hopefully you’ll get the results you’re after 😁

Thank you so much for your helpful tips. I'll just have to 'man up' and get on with it. The following day is a Saturday, so hopefully, I can have a slow weekend to recover. Got plenty of wet wipes already :-). TBH, I am not expecting much to come from it because I rarely get the level of pain and discomfort that other people report. But, the Gastroenterologist tells me it is 'The Gold Standard' for investigating gut problems. I really appreciate your support.

keira9653 in reply to BabsyWabsy

Not a problem, glad I could help someone with my ramble/update ^-^

Heh I was nervous as heck before going in, feeling crappy wasn’t helping mixed with knowing needles would be involved were all churning the stomach so I reckon long as you push on and get there for it, that’s good enough to count as ‘manning up’ lol x’DD

Idk about the pain or discomfort, cause I was out fully, deep asleep for the whole thing. I remember the sedation entering the system, briefly mentioning that it stung and been told that was normal and then next thing I was waking up hour later! Which is how I preferred anyway haha didn’t wanna be awake for any of that.

Yeah it’s definitely the best way to go to get a final ruling. Least by going in and seeing they can confirm problems or discover anything external scans won’t show. While not pleasant to prep for, it is comforting to know there is nothing else or anything serious going on inside that was missed by the other tests.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for an update after June 22nd to see how it went for you ^-^

BabsyWabsy in reply to keira9653

Hi Keira,

It's a week since my colonoscopy, and I can honestly say it was no where near as bad as I had anticipated. The low residue diet was trying because I love my veg, but got quite creative. Who knew mushrooms don't have any fibre? The Moviprep was inconvenient, though I had no discomfort at all, it was just like turning on a tap. Didn't realise that I would still be dribbling next morning though, but a Tena Lady solved that problem. The staff were all lovely, and the consultant surgeon who did the deed was very good. I had sedation and honestly did not feel anything, but was awake enough to watch my insides on the screen, weird. Afterwards, a little bed rest, a delicious lunch, (was I ready for that!) and ready to go home. All the way home, I was chattering away as if I was a bit tipsy. Once home, had a sleep, and I have been fine since then.

Glad to hear all was ok 👍Xx

Glad to know everything appears to be ok. I had a colonoscopy last month. I had Moviprep, which wasn't too bad, though I did add lime cordial to it. Even the five day low residue diet wasn't bad, especially as it turned out that my problems were actually caused by the too healthy diet I was eating. had it not been for those five days i would have still been on the peppermint oil capsules and eating far too much fibre for my own good.

I am no longer on the low residue diet, but on the low fibre diet instead. I have had a couple of problems over the past week or two, but as I know what has been the cause I have eliminated the offending items from my diet. The next person who tells me that the latest thinking is low carbs/high fat will get bopped on the nose, metaphorically speaking anyway! As for the FODMAP diet, that doesn't work for me as half the banned things I can eat, whereas half the things one is supposed to be able to eat, I can't. Soooo I do it my way, though it is still in the trial and error stage.

I declined the sedative as I wasn't sure how I was going to get home again. I'd had enough trouble getting to the hospital due to the stupid Tour de Yorkshire closing many of the roads between where I live and the hospital. The nurse who put in the cannula wasn't impressed. She reckoned that I'd had previous surgery in that area, it would be painful. Huh, what does she know! I said I would still prefer to have no more than gas and air, which I had only once for a couple of minutes while on my back. One of the ladies looking after me said it was what expectant mums had, and would I like a girl or a boy. A girl please!!! ;)

The procedure last about forty minutes as my bowel was a bit twisted, well being me it would be.......... After tea and toast I was allowed home under my own steam. As the sun was shining and God was in his heaven, at least I think he was, I decided to walk into town, there still being no buses. I could have waited for a lift, but what the heck, walking was good.

I used wet-wipes on my derriere, also used E45 lotion, which I applied with a wodge of cotton wool. Like you I spent most of my time sat on the loo as it was less trouble than rearranging my undies every five minutes. The Moviprep wasn't supposed to start taking effect for two hours, so I reckoned I could have a cup of tea as part of the litre of fluid I was supposed to take during the second hour. One of us had a wonky clock, because it started working in less than an hour.

I didn't feel sick, but was really cold, which apparently is one of the side effects. Pity it didn't say that on the destructions. I expected to be up half the night on the loo, but the first litre and the litre of fluid must have done its job pretty well. The second litre and its litre of fluid produced nothing but clear liquid.

My appointment was for ten o'clock, but my lift dropped me off just before half past eight. the cannula was inserted, all forms signed, undressed and in my dressing gown long before ten. I was last on the list, so it was quarter past twelve before I walked into the room. Blessings on whoever came up with Kindle's, dunno what I would do without it.

The lady doing the procedure said she had never seen such a healthy bowel, not so much as a sniff of a polyp. She did take several sample biopsies just in case. They have come up clear, much to the disgust of my GP I reckon. She has this unhealthy passion for my having something seriously wrong. Just because I had uterine cancer over seven years ago, she reckons that whatever the blood tests flagged up is cancer. I keep telling her what the problem is, a form of IBS, but she just won't have it.

Anywhoo, for those of you who are putting of having a colonoscopy, don't. It isn't anywhere near as bad as going to the dentist. The same applies to having a cystoscopy. I can't say I cared for the hysteroscopy, could have done with the gas and air for that, or the same local anaesthetic used in the cystoscopy, but the lady who did that didn't believe in pain relief. :(

keira9653 in reply to rozwalts

Moviprep sounds way nicer than the process I had! Or maybe you just have nicer bowels than I do haha cause the tablets set me off within a few minutes, the citrate drink set me off in minutes and the glycoprep....yeah I didn’t sleep much that night and just sat in the loo. Way easier than having to get up, readjust, get comfy then gotta get back up for the loo again seconds later. Good book, Internet, drinks and all set xD My instructions said I could have any green liquids, no blues or reds or purples etc. yellow and orange I was allowed. Think of Gotta do it again I’ll be mixing it with cordial. Least add some sweet taste to it. Have to agree wish I’d known the side effect of been cold (apparently it’s cause your body is expelling all energy into the prep process, mixed with the nerves and lack of food makes the body struggle to keep warm) cause I thought something was wrong the whole time til got in and nurse reassured me it was normal.

Peppermint those things are useless except to make you taste mint all day in back of throat. Or for me anyway. Mint tea worked the same, least tastes good.

Glad to hear your trial and error elimination diet is working out for you so far! That’s a good sign. Hopefully it’ll continue to work out ^^

Heh you’re braver than me to decline sedative. Man I got a massive fear of injections, dislike of needles and don’t really favour hospitals that much so my nerves were shot to hell. I was like ‘sedate me, please! I wanna be dead to the world for this!’ Least the docs were really nice and were making light humour jokes while they got ready til I passed out from the sedative. Calmed the nerves a little.

Sounds like you had a smooth trip in and after! Even if your procedure took longer (hey were all a little twisted x’DD more fun that way haha)

Reckon you need a new GP though. One you got sounds like a bit of a b*tch honestly. Mean I’ve had stomach troubles for yearssss now but all docs dismissed it til this new one I found and he’s so good and actually cares and listens. Without him I’d be just thinking I got a bad gastrobug still! 😊

Agree though having the procedure is nowhere near as bad as some say. If nervous then get sedated and won’t be awake or recall a thing of the process. Or if brave soul like rozwalts here, gas up and all set haha. The prep is likely the worse of the lot, but the actual scopes are fineeeee~~ ^-^

Hahahaha, like your style love. I didn't know that about why we feel cold. I know I would have cheerfully killed for a hot chocolate drink that night. Sadly it said in the destructions that I couldn't even have a cup of tea or coffee with milk. :( I didn't have to have any tablets, just the two litres of Moviprep and two litres of water.

I am not a great tea drinker, can't remember the last time I drank coffee, but the pot of tea I had with the toast was like nectar.

At one point I found myself clutching the gas and air thingie for dear life. Couldn't understand why, One of the ladies told me it was my comfort blanket!!! I started out on my left side, then on my back, then right side, back, then back to my left side. Honestly I felt like a corkscrew. It was worst on my back, especially the second time, hence the need for the 'space gas'.

A friend of mine has to go through it every three years, as does her brother. Bowel cancer runs in the family apparently. She has a mild form of sedative, but her brother doesn't even have the gas and air.

I had my gall bladder out way back in the 1960's, a full blown op in those days. I was in hospital for ten days. These days it is all keyhole stuff, in an out on the same day. Even my hysterectomy was keyhole, a very new procedure for many consultants in 2011. I was in and out within three days. The view from my room wasn't exactly brilliant, but the food was brilliant. :)

keira9653 in reply to rozwalts

I hear you. I don’t drink tea or coffee myself, quit caffeine years ago and just never felt need to have it. But a hot chocolate I would have loved~~ Think felt the cold more cause it’s winter here in Australia lol so I was casually hugging a heat pack constantly trying to wake myself up haha 😂

Def sounds like you had an easier prep, Eisner if it’s different methods depending where you are. Then again someone I was speaking to after waking said she’d only had one day prep process. So who knows lmao!

Wow had a bigger process in the procedure alright. I dunno if I was moved but I laid on side and then woke on same side so assumed that I hadn’t been moved. Likely wasn’t given my procedure length as well. Can fully get why you’d be using the gas as a comfort blanket given all that!

Every 3 years...ouchhhh man that would be tough. But if it means confirmation that there’s no bowel cancer, it’s worth it. Better safe than sorry. ^-^ He must be used to it so much if he can have it done without gas or sedative! Major kudos

It’s all keyhole, less invasion to minimalise recovery etc. Times have definitely changed over the years~ and hopefully will continue to improve and get better! Soon they’ll have that kind of machine they have in Elysium (the movie) where you lay down, it scans you and then cures you xD now that would be epic hahaha

So how are you feeling now? Better?

keira9653 in reply to Ninorod

Definitely getting better ^^ Today was first venture from the house since the procedure, got some cramping going on but no more than normally had before. What is it interesting though! I think my...IBS has actually changed. Cause I’m getting more of C type symptoms, and haven’t had any D related stuff so far. Mean it’s still IBS but C will be much easier to manage I think so I’m keeping fingers crossed it stays this way or gets better 😊 It’s odd that things changed after the procedure but ain’t complaining.

Ninorod in reply to keira9653

Are some pains gone? What did the doctor advise u to do or take? Can you still only eat certain foods?

keira9653 in reply to Ninorod

Yep. Just got the usual that comes with IBS, cramping, but of bloating etc nothing new or major! Pain killers don’t really work for me, I’m little immune so I don’t take anything, just got my trusty heatpack haha.

Most people can resume regular activities day after the procedure, Think the limit is 12-24hrs after can’t sign legal documents, drive or stuff like that if got sedated. But can resume regular eating and stuff.

I got suggested to trial a low FODMAP diet so I’m trying that out so yeahhh got some limitations but not cause of the procedure, just to manage my usual symptoms :)

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