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Colonoscopy in the morning

About a 1/3 of the way thru the prep, thankfully my partner is working late this evening so I’m home alone for it lol.

I’m not finding the prep too bad so far, some stomach cramps etc but nothing any worse than I’ve experienced before.

Im excited about the possibility of finally getting an answer to the abdominal pain and constipation as long as it’s not something serious.


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I'm glad to hear you are tolerating the prep okay. I can remember at the beginning of the year I was due a Colonoscopy and I had to take the prep and it made me so violently ill and caused me so much pain.

I really do hope your operation shows you have something more than just IBS (Not hoping it something too serious)

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Colonoscopy done (thank f””k) 😂 no sedation or gas and air which I’m very proud of lol

Just now a feeling of trapped wind but nothing major. No issues and doctor says it all looks normal.

Notes just say “consider CT”

Was very uncomfortable but I’m very happy to have gone thru it to rule out anything nasty.


Glad all ok just being ignorant here but what was meant by "consider ct"

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The doctor that performed the Colonoscopy just put consider doing a scan. I’m guessing its for my own GP as she was the one who sent me for the colonoscopy. If it’s not my bowels causing that pain it could be something else


Ah thanks for that .i had a colonoscopy and just diverticula with several pockets .but 2 weeks after that ended up at A a E thought something in my stomach had burst .excrutiating pain.given strong painkillers and he wrote to my doctor suggesting stool sample and CT scan .stool sample positive with H Poli .triple therapy now finished and today is scan but feeling much better now.bought some strong probiotics and manuka honey 20+ which I am taking .so hoping when scan results done will be ok.had ultrascan but all it showed was minor polyps on gall bladder which there not bothered about.stopped te ranitidene for acid now hoping it holds off.


So glad for you that there was nothing nasty and you tolerated the prep and procedure well. I also tolerated it well last year when I had a Colonoscopy.


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