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Morning all!

I decided to start and evaluate what i have been eating and when and noticed that one major food I eat so much of is wheat. After taking the decision to cut it out after a week of doing this as well as trying Silicogel my BM became solid and regular not the IBS-d I have struggled with for years.

Does anyone have any opinions on this as my Doc did the Coeliac test and it came back negative. Having felt better doing this I can only see it as a positive thing but some say you shouldn't as it can be bad for you.

I'm willing to try anything to be honest.

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  • I too tested negative for coeliac but after trying every medication known to man I too cut back on wheat and caffeine as I ate a lot of bread and drunk a lot of tea. I feel so much better it is unbelievable, I wish I had looked towards my diet a long time ago and not tried so hard to find a GP/medication to "cure" me. I replaced caffeine with peppermint tea and this soothes my stomach so much I actually look forward to drinking it , if you are feeling better from cutting out wheat that must mean it upsets your gut so stick with what you are doing and enjoy feeling better.

  • It's perfectly possible to test negative for coeliac disease but find your symptoms improve on a wheat-free diet. This is because wheat also contains fructans, a carbohydrate that your body can't digest but bacteria can. When the microbes get to work they produce byproducts that draw water into the gut contributing to diarrhoea.

  • I was diagnosed with IBS and found myself that cutting out wheat helped. The doctor wanted to do a celiac test but said I had to eat wheat for 2 weeks for the test to work. Wasn't prepared to feel ill for that long so remain untested. It was decided I was intolerant instead. Good luck especially with the silica gel.

  • Unless you are coeliac there is no need to cut out wheat - whole grains are good! Most gluten free products are heavily processed, contain multiple ingredients you have never heard of, and more salt and sugar. Read Tim Spector's "The Diet Myth" - it talks about the gut microbiome and it is fascinating. The impact different foods have on out gut bacteria, and the effect this has on our health - it's amazing, and makes lots of sense.

  • Changing your diet is an incredibly good move and you will thank yourself later for ignoring those who say you shouldn't. People often test false negative as well as false positive for coeliac disease and as one nurse said to me recently when I told her I had to get rid of corn from my diet before I felt better (on top of the other grains), that there isn't even a test to determine if the likes of corn are causing gut issues. So do an elimination diet and see what works for you, (I use paleo recipes to help me stay away from corn, because there is a lot of corn in gluten free products). So see what causes you issues and just go for it! You need to take your health into your own hands, you'll be glad you did, especially if you are lucky enough to be able to be healed by just this small dietary change.

  • I don't mean to offend those who find cutting out wheat helps - because I'm sure it can in some people.

  • I am also finding that cutting out wheat has helped a lot even though I am not caeliac. I read a book called Wheat Belly by a cardiologist guy who shows how grains are NOT as good for you as we have always been taught. I have stopped being bloated and am losing weight and belly fat easily on a wheat free, low carbs,diet

  • You've probably just become intolerant to wheat

    At the age of 65 I seemed to become intolerant of all dairy, not jstblactose, and keeping to a completely dairy free diet keeps my symptoms at bay

  • hi cut 90% of the wheat out of my diet and cut tea to two cups a day and been best iv been for 15 years.warning if you do eat some wheat like bread after you

  • sorry if you bring wheat bread bsck into diet it seems to give you terrible the body been ppisoned

  • sorry intetnet keeeps failing.cut back om chocolate too.i had the tests too but they are not for actual wheat or tje 25 other ingredients in shop bread.

    regards geff

  • I stopped wheat to three weeks ago and stopped taking the pill. The differ is amazing. I hhave a flat stomach again.

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