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Diarrhea after a meal

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Is there anyone with my same problem? It happens often to me to have diarrhea in 10/15 minutes after a meal. Doesn't matter if I have meat, vegetables or rice.

I'm taking probiotics daily, any other suggestions that could help?

Many thanks

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Know that feeling well. I have had IBS for l would say over 10 years, been on all sorts of meds for it. Just in the last week have been prescribed loperamide hydrochloride what a difference it has made. So worth giving it a try.

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Matrix82 in reply to KyleaW

Thank you. I have an appointment with my gp next Friday. Let's see

What other pains do you have?

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Matrix82 in reply to Ninorod

To be honest I haven't pain if I don't eat something wrong. Spicy food is the worst for me.

I have just a lot of movement in my bowels and I make a lot of gas... 🙄

Mine is from nitrates in meat like ham,hot dog ,lunch meat etc. if I eat uncured meats I don’t have that problem. My grandson is lactose so he has that problem from milk. Any of those could do it?

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Matrix82 in reply to Kimmiejo

Mine is lactose too. I don't drink milk at all and I eat only seasoned cheese. At the same time I'm not able to eat any spicy food. That hurts...

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