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Low Fermentable Carb Day 33

I started a low fermentable carb diet to see if it helped with my nausea and gas related pains, and so far it has been really helping, I've found quite a bit of relief. On day 1, I was on 78 carbs a day, and I'm now on 120 and everything still seems to be well. I eat lots of very small snacks and meals, and each of those small meals is eaten half at a time, at least an hour apart. Serving size seems key. Sounds like a lot of hassle but it really is worth it if you're looking for some relief and think this might work for you. My anxiety has been better too because I haven't had the stress of putting up with the symptoms so much. Something else I noticed is that I'm able to have a bowel movement every single day, which has reduced my really painful bloating. Pray for me this keeps up lol :D

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Is this the low FODMAP Diet?


Sort of, but on this diet you limit your portions, especially on grains, only 30g of each a day, and it's best to eat them in half portions. There are some things on the low fodmap diet that you can eat that you can't on the low fermentable carb diet (such as leeks, even the green bit).


Thank you. Very interesting! I didn’t do well on low FODMAP so I’ll try this.


This sounds really interesting, do you have a link to the diet?

All the very best for the improvement.



Thanks :) Here's a link to the diet I'm on: hamiltonhealthsciences.ca/d...


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