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Just browsed an American book: Fast Tract Digestion IBS by Dr Norman Robillard, in which he proposes that gas production is crucial to IBS suffers, he is one himself. He lists foods to avoid which are highly fermentable, FP = Fermentable Potential, including starches and suggests that his theory goes further than the Fodmap theory. Unfortunately the bit I could browse online did not include the list. Already I have accumulated a library of IBS books and this one seems a bit expensive with the post from USA. If anyone has a reference to Fermentable Potential foods i would be grateful

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  • I read a lot about this - all online - when I did the anti-candida diet, as part of that is the omission of all fermentable/fermented foods. Problem is, if you combined that with low-FODMAPs, I think diet would be so restricted as to be pretty unsustainable.

  • Prof John Hunters book - Irritable bowel solutions has a chapter on malfermentation and IBS - you might find it at your local library (I did). There was a table in at about which foods gave people the most problems - usual suspects - wheat, dairy products, coffee and chocolate noted with onions, potatoes and fruits. It notes the diet that they used at Adambrooks hospital and may be of help to you.

  • I had sugar snap peas two nights ago and have had two almost sleepless nights with wind that won't move out but no pain. I can feel the gas starting to build up but it happens when I go to bed so I'm trying to identify why that is. Does any one have any ideas? I feel as if my inside is acting like a compost heap i.e. fermenting.

  • Chickpeas are a killer for me.....Funnily enough other pulses are ok.

  • I think that the trouble with IBS is that every person is different and what suits one will not suit another so it's just rial and error to find the best solution for yourself.

    I found that dairy and hard boiled eggs cause my symptoms and I also avoid cabbage and related veg which can cause wind.

  • Thanks all for the replies. I have Prof Hunters book which is excellent and you are quite correct about his reference to malfermentation. Sugar snap peas also did for me and they are a no go Fodmap.

  • Thanks so much for the three replies. I worry about missing out on Vitamins only found in green veg. Does anyone know any safe green vegies accepting that we are all different? Do people take a multivitamin to compensate? Will get the book on the FODMAP diet. Thanks again. It is great to have confirmation re the sugar snaps.

  • I use chlorella and spiralina powder - contain good minerals and folate. Can be pricey but lasts ages.

    Good luck

  • They have a phone app "fast track diet"

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