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Feel Awful

So not sure if this is the right place or not but here goes. Ended up in hospital Thursday night due to having black stools for 24 hours. Blood tests come back fine stats fine diagnosis possible stomach ulcer been given 30mg of lansoprazole to take for 6 weeks and I feel worse. I so suffer ibs but unsure if what I'm getting now is worsenen ibs or due to stomach ulcer. I have pains in my stomach nothing really bad, soft stools and hard stools varies going about 5 times a day feeling not emptying properly , nausea, burping, popping feeling in my stomach and wind which at times can smelly different and quite foul. Called Dr but they've said nothing they can do as been instructed no more tests till after 6 weeks. Is this ibs? The ulcer or the medicstio. I feel awful

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You're probably anxious about the possible ulcer so that'll be adding to the problem I've no doubt. It's probably best to talk to your gp, they may not be able to do any tests but they could re-assure you about the meds and ulcer? Book to see them.

It sounds like quite a complicated issue but try to relax (easier said I know) as being anxious about it all won't be helping. Best of luck.


Spoke to my GP yesterday was told they can't do nothing as discharge letter says no gest for 6 weeks to I have to get on with it. I do suffer anxiety usually


But it sounds like your struggling with the worry. When you spoke to the gp yesterday did you tell them how you were feeling anxious and worried about it? Did you ask about the side effects of the drugs you are on?

I'm no dr but it seems to me that the anxiety of it all is exasperating the problem. Do you do any meditation or anything for the ibs? Try something like that.

When I get anxious my ibs gets worse and then I get more anxious so I have to make a very conscious effort to break that cycle. You have more going on but trying to break that cycle of anxiety is bound to help!


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