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Still have ibs,had to quit job

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I wrote about getting ibs over 2 years ago and since then have tried so many different approaches and no have worked. I had all the tests to ensure nothing serious wrong but the stomach pain and bowel issues and as a result even pelvic floor issues continue. I missed so much work that I had to retire from job prematurely and I now have no health coverage as this is the usa. I feel the ibs came from the constant stress of a toxic work place and hoped to feel better once not working. Hover it has been 6 weeks and I have had several good days but am still not feeling good. Wondered if anyone had any experience with this kind of stress and ibs?

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Stress and bowel issues are generally related and I completely understand how you’re feeling, I would suggest a low fodmap diet if you can look this up?

Have you tried leaky gut treatment, it is natural. I recommend it, i have 3 years with ibs. But this doctor told me han cure me with that kind of treatment i have 2 weeks with it and im feeling better. No pain and i can start eating the normal food again. I have no pain after eating. It will last 3 months tough.

If your ibs was due to work related stress and that is quite possible, it will probably take much longer than six weeks to feel better. I think you will gradually notice a change in symptoms and probably less without daily work stress but it is not an easy switch to just turn off.

I don't wish to sound depressing but I retired early 20 years ago and still have IBS. It does however, get better though and much easier to cope with when not in a work related situation. Stressful things do most certainly spark off attacks etc but probably that is only part of the issue . So without daily work stress and time it should get much better but not a magic cure I am afraid , at least not in my case. You will find better ways to cope away from work.

I hope you are lucky and it does go away without stress and there are most likely lots of people on this forum , who can offer their thoughts on this As I think it will be a fairly common issue .

Best wishes


Get the ap Monash diet and follow it exactly. If it doesn’t work in a few days to a week then ask for a defecography. I was diagnosed with an entercele. For years I always had better bowel movements after sex. My small bowel was pushing down or herniated on vagina. Good luck

Sorry not sure if you are a woman but if you are take two fingers push up in vagina see if you can push small bowel up. Be careful.

Hi, Napaliz - I live in the US, too...know the feeling about not having health's a drag. I was relieved when I hit 65 so I could get on Medicare. Anyway, my doctor prescribed Welchol or Colestipol for me. I take colestipol because it's less expensive. They both stop diarrhea immediately. I use GoodRx to help pay for my prescriptions...a lot of times with these coupons, it makes the prescriptions less expensive.

Dear Napaliz,

Please take heart. You are right to take a break from work, but you don't have to stop forever. I have had Crohn's disease for over 30 years. In that time I have had 18 operations, of which the first 11 were in the first 9 months that I had the disease. Throughout that time, I have only taken blocks of two to three weeks off work for the four largest operations and a long weekend for all the others. The reason I could do this was that I had a desk job (so that I can sit still, if necessary with a blanket over my stomach to keep it warm and calm the cramping), which was mentally absorbing (distraction is very effective in reducing and controlling pain). I have always believed and now there is a growing body of evidence to support the view that your mind controls your body. Despite all those operations, I travel the world, have had a baby, am senior in my job and a trustee of a small educational charity. I know this sounds impossible to you now, but you really can choose. Be ill if you choose to be, or choose life, if you want to. This is 2018 - there are all sorts of discrete incontinence products on the market to help you hurdle those obstacles. Take heart!

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Napaliz in reply to Stevington

Thank you for your post,by quitting my job which was daily hell...I chose life!!!

I was diagnosed with IBS four years ago and I'm fairly certain it was brought on by a highly stressful work situation. I ended up quitting and finding a much less stressful job, but the IBS has continued. What are your symptoms? I have IBS-D. No prescriptions have really helped me but watching what I eat, knowing my trigger foods, managing my anxiety have all helped a bit. I also use Imodium almost daily, which has been a life saver. And recently I started taking Calcium Carbonate supplements from Rite Aid. Those have made me almost as regular as before this IBS experience began. Still have bad days sometimes but much less frequently. Continue to be your own advocate! The best advice I have gotten since my diagnosis has been from forums like this. You are not alone!

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Chocoholick in reply to Merth83

Merth, please could you tell me what your diet consists of on your work days/ working week?


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Merth83 in reply to Chocoholick

Sure! On a typical day at the office, I will eat some Activia yogurt in the morning, sometimes with a granola bar. I also often eat one or two hard boiled eggs with some salt and pepper. For lunch I keep it super boring most days with either a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup or a baked potato with just butter salt and pepper. Sometimes I'll have an apple or some crackers if I'm still hungry.

For dinner, I do almost all the cooking myself and try to keep it healthy. My boyfriend hunts so we eat a lot of venison, usually with some veggies. I also will eat tuna with some mayo and crackers and tomatoes, or chicken wings in the air fryer, chicken breasts, fresh fish, salads, soups, etc. Everybody's food triggers are different. For me, I'm really sensitive to milk (however I can usually handle ice cream which makes no sense to me) and fried foods. I do my best to avoid processed foods but not religious about it. I also avoid caffeine because of my anxiety, stick mostly to herbal caffeine free teas and filtered water.

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Chocoholick in reply to Merth83

Thanks Merth, you’ve given me some new ideas. Activia is something I’ve never tried before. Think I’ll buy some this week and see what happens. Also, I’m terrible for eating biscuits as snacks so will try switching to crackers instead. 🙂

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Merth83 in reply to Chocoholick

Good plan :) I mostly eat Saltines, do they have those in the UK? Trying to think of what other snacks I like... cucumbers, strawberries, pepperonis, popcorn. Just try to figure out what healthy snacks you like and make sure you always have them handy. On my really bad IBS days I end up afraid to eat at work, then I get home and stuff myself because I'm so hungry.

You can try ayurveda treatment which is based in india but i am not sure if it will be available in your country.

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