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Help! At my wits end. 10 weeks of diarrhoea no resolution, should I get another opinion?

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Hello, totally new to this and floundering massively.

I’ve been treated for a severe gut infection over the past two months or so. Although nothing identified on two stool samples and blood work just showed inflammatory markers that suggested infection. I lost 20kgs in weight, which has made me so weak, this seems to have stopped but I’m still finding eating so difficult. Finished a third course of Metronidazole a week ago and GP review said she felt the infection had settled. At the time of my consultation on Tuesday this week, my movement were still erratic but much less fluid. So GP felt it appeared to be resolving. However, yesterday the diahorrea was back in an explosive style and has been so today too. Imodium, cocodamol etc make absolutely no difference. Pepto Bismol has helped slightly but can only take for a couple of days

I’m exhausted, and don’t know what to do. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. X

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Hiya, I know someone who suffered from a similar problem and was at their wits end with going back and forth to to the hospital for tests! He then went and had allergy tests done privately and as it turns out he was told that NHS only test for about 10 allergies and privately test for about 50! They were able to identify the allergy that the NHS weren't able to do and he doesn't suffer from this issue anymore! Hope this helps!

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Thank you, I’m going to be returning to GP on Monday so will ask about how to get tested. I’m willing to try anything!!

Have you been tested for c. difficile? You may want to have this done. It can also take quite a bit of time (few months) to recover from a severe intestinal infection, as something similar also happened to me.

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Thanks, this is a good idea. Two stool samples have been negative for anything so far but I’m going to go back to GP again on Monday, so will ask about C. Diff test. And it’s reassuring to know that these things can take a long time. I’m so impatient to go back to normal. Feels like I’ve been ill forever. Xx

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CDiff is the only thing in the US that is covered by insurance to do a stool transplant. A friend after years of suffering and was fine the next day and has been since! Don’t stop till you find answers!

You could try the low fodmap diet which basically cuts out a lot of fibre. Also I take one Imodium each day and do not eat too much fibre. check out the low fodmap diet on google.

Probably ask to see gastroenterologist and dietician somet tests to find out what is causing diarrhoea and weight loss

Please ask your doctor for a test for Dysbiosis.

I found low residue diet the only thing that helped me. It’s hard and takes time to get used to it but in essence it gives your bowel a rest from processing food - your bowel doesn’t have to work at digestion with low residue. Along with the other digestive conditions I have, I am very limited but low residue was the first step in helping the bowel.

You need to get an endoscopy & check for H Pylori. Its an infection thats pretty bad and painful. Cholestyram stopped my diarrhea.

I feel for you, was Passing brown water for 2 weeks. Thankfully it cleared absolutely Dreadful / that is a vast amount of Weight to lose I lost 1/2 a stone in my two weeks its going back on now ,Have no idea what was causing it Tests showed nothing ..

Thank you to everyone who has sent me such thoughtful replies. On Sunday teatime we took a trip to the cinema with our kids and afterwards whilst having a meal I felt extremely unwell and had to be taken into hospital by ambulance. Sepsis had set in which they treated. Now after CT scan they believe I have colitis. So I’m off for colonoscopy today and then we should have a treatment plan. So not perhaps the best outcome but I have a road to some answers and I’m really praying for an end to the runs!! X

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Just joined this community and been reading your thread - so sorry you have been so poorly - sepsis is a nasty thing but one good thing to come out of it all is that now you are being investigated thoroughly and will hopefully begin to feel better now you have your diagnosis. I hope the colonoscopy went well and you have some more answers/info. Keep us updated when you have time, won't you?

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