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Could i have IBD??

hi everyone, so my story starts with the fact i’m 28 weeks pregnant … i have some internal piles… lovely stuff.

I have had rectal bleeding for nearly 8 weeks now. No pain, bloating… one or 2 episodes of very loose stools… and one episode of a sickness bug that lasted one evening with cramps and a poorly tummy. ( but that was before the blood started!)

Up to this point i have seen my gp several times, she has been great. She has me on some stuff for mild constipation as my bowels don’t seem to stay happy without a little help this pregnancy. But even when i do go properly, theirs still blood, and has been some mucus too.

I really have no symptoms other than the bleeding.

Although i found out today that my faecal calprotectin levels were at 600 three weeks ago!! which is super high. She has sent me an urgent referral to a specialist.

While i’m waiting for that appointment she said i should do another one… this time it’s way way lower at 79… which is still higher than they’d like. but a massive drop in a short time right?

so i guess what i want to know is, do i have IBD? Is their still a chance i have it. And can your levels drop that quickly with no medication if i did have it? What are the normal levels for some one in remission?

Still hoping this is some random bug I’ve picked up whilst being pregnant combined with bleeding piles …. but who knows.

Any opinions welcomed :)

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My ibs was post infectious as a result of having a bug. I suppose you could be experiencing ibs but I'd say it sounds more complicated than that. Not sure what faecal calproctain levels are though???

You need to work with your dr, with you being pregnant it complicates matters but you get a lot of gastric trouble with pregnancy. My last pg I went from ibs d in second tri to ibs c in third tri. Didn't have a normal bm all pregnancy.


Just realised your asking about ibd not ibs, sorry mis read.


pajohns thanks for your reply. DO you mind if i ask you what type you have now? and what is Ibs d and its C


Ibs c is predominantly constipation and d is diarrhoea. Or there's a mix can't remember the acronym for that. I have ibs d.



Wouldn’t want to hazard a guess, especially as you’re pregnant - too many possibilities for perfectly normal pregnancy related conditions! Your GP sounds good though. I have found that Fybogel sachets help to regularise bm’s and As they are a natural product, available without prescription, don’t think they could do any harm - do check with your GP though!

Hope that helps!


I’ve honestly found this forum so lovely. I know I’m not going to gain any medical confirmations but it’s very reassuring to hear from people in the know. I am taking a stool softner called lactulose which is basically sugar water to help the bowel absorb more water so my stools don’t get too hard.

Thank you so very much for your reply xx


No problem - I was originally prescribed Lactulose with the Fybogel after having my gall bladder removed. I think both are pretty mild approaches to the problem. A lot of people seem to think Fybogel is a laxative, but as far as I’m aware, it isn’t - it’s soluble fibre that helps bulk up stools and keep them soft, thus it gets prescribed for constipation and diarrhoea!

As I said though, you don’t need a prescription, but check with the GP.

All the best for the birth, when the time comes!


i’ll definitely look into it :) hopefully all this will settle down once the birth is done! again thanks for your time and response xx


Good the level of calprotectin is down that is positive at least. Hope all goes well for you. I hope all gets better and settles down. Apples help I think for me one a day -I dont know if they suit you? but it sounds as though your doctor is giving you sensible advice. God bless.


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