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Do I have hemorrhoids?

I'm 13 and a girl... I was constipated all yesterday and it felt really crappy. I tried to do #2 in the morning when I had to go... It wouldn't come out. I relaxed for a bit then tried to force it out (not for that long) Nothing happened. So then I decided to just hold it in. about 2 hours later I tried again... I got some out but there was still some left that I still couldn't get out.... So I decided to hold that in... After another 2 hours and after drinking water I went to the bathroom again. I sat there for 5 minutes. I sat relaxed and just waited for it... when it was starting to come out it starting hurting like on the left side of my butt (gross but whatever) and it's been hurting there for maybe like a couple of days when I go poop but it's not an intense pain. I finally got it out and I kinda had to force it at the end but not that much. There was blood on the toilet paper but not has much as I expected. Now though everytime I go and sit on the toilet it's sore. But there isn't any bleeding. Do hemorrhoids bleed all the time? I also just finished my period and during my period it was hard to do #2 and I kinda was constipated but I still go it out... I'm just wondering if I do have a hemorrhoid... I don't have a lump or anything and no severe pain. If it is it could be an internal one but I'm not sure.... I looked up symptoms and I don't really have them... I'm just worried..

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I think if you don't have hemorrhoids now you soon will have. Try not to strain too much and drink at least 2 liters of liquid (preferably water) a day.

The blood could have been from a small rip caused by pushing out hard stool.

Only severe hemorrhoids would give you pain. Many people, myself included, have them but are unaware of them.

Sorry can't be any more helpful. All the best and try not to worry.


Well done for sharing this stuff. Its a bit challenging to do. However i think its a good start to then go on to share it with your carers and a doctor. If it is a internal haemmorhoid there are things to use to let it settle down. Also at age 13 i think its important to aim to resolve why you have constipation in the first place. Please share this with your carers (whoever looks after you) and get a doctors appointment.

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You must talk to your carer as suggested, I dont think you have piles

either but your diet needs adjusting and when you need the loo, dont rush

stay untll you have finished. More roughage in your diet and more drinks

as suggested you should be fine, but use this as a sign and be careful.

Dont worry.but talk to an adult preferably a doctor to put you straight.


Hi there, you did a very brave thing sharing, you may have tore the lining of your anal passage it is called a fissure, its not uncommon with constipation, there are oinments that will help heal these, a trip to your family doctor would be the way to go in my opinon just to confirm or rule this out.

What ever the case it shouldnt be anything to worry about, what i got told to do is drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fibre, hope you get better soon.


Ditto on what Steve_s said. You probably created a tare in your large in testine in the anal area. Your young enough to make the necessary changes in your diet so you don't get them. Drink a good 3pints of water every day and read up on high roughage fruits & veggies and start eating better. You are young enough to start now to prevent hemmroids. I know it sounds gross but if it is still sore you might get some suppositories to use for a couple days to keep your insides lubricated for future bowel movements until things heal up. After 3 surgeries for hemorrhoids, its best to start now. Having a colonoscopy isnt fun either. Start now & make the necessary changes, that is brave of you to talk about it so now take charge of it & take care of it. Coodo's to you :-)

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You need to talk to your parents or caregivers. Drink lots of water, fruits vegetables. and don't try to force a bowel movement.



First, I want to tell you that I respect your ability to maturely share a difficult topic of discussion :-)

My husband worked as a physician in Casualty (or the E.R. if you are in the U.S.) for 8 years and is now a G.P. (Family Practice). That said, I am not medically trained but through accompanying him to conferences and having two children with chronic Inflammatory Bowel conditions, in addition to my own, plus being an avid reader, I have a good base of knowledge.

I recommend that you stay very well hydrated by drinking a good amount of water. Don't force yourself to start at your ideal target, just do your best to increase the amount. I believe the guidelines are 8 oz. for every lb you weigh as your ultimate goal. Please check on this.

Digestible fiber is also beneficial. I would look on line for a fiber supplement recommended for people with IBS.

I would buy flavored aloe vera juice (unflavored tastes very bitter). Drink the recommended dose before bed. Aloe vera juice is not a laxative but a lubricant. (I've posted before about aloe vera juice but just in case you didn't see my post, I've repeated it. I was informed about this by a nutritionist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Her name is Kaiser Hines and you can follow her if you would like on Face Book.

I also highly recommend the FODMAP diet. This is the only diet recommended by Gastroenterologists for IBD. Lots of resources on the internet. I follow FODMAP on Facebook as one of my resources for info.

I would try the above for a few weeks and if you still have discomfort passing #2, go and see your G.P./Family Practice Doc.

By the way, it's easy to scratch a membrane when very constipated and trying to pass hard stool, so don't self diagnose or worry. Also, although many of us may have been given the same diagnosis, each of us are unique with a varying medical history and different microbial flora. You are NOT destined to get hemorrhoids or any other constipated related nasties.

If you want to read up on the microbium, which I strongly recommend you do. I suggest getting a recently published book by Dr. Gerald Mullins. You can also follow Dr. Mullins on Facebook. This book contains information about all the probiotics we should ingest and info about prebiotics, together with optimum dosage. Kefir has been spoken of in other posts and I definitely concur. However, Kefir will not have the full spectrum of good bacteria. I do think you should incorporate Kefir as it's inexpensive and is a natural way to get good bacteria into your gut. If you are aware that you are lactose intolerant there is lactose free kefir available.

The microbium (which I've probably misspelt, was the number one topic at a recent conference for Gastroenterologists here in the U.S. , where I live. It's reported that 24,000 G.I. docs were in attendance. So hopefully more patients will be educated on the microbium, which is nick named the Brain Gut.

I wish you the very best and I'm so pleased you reached out and shared your concerns.

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From your problem it clearly seems that you don't have hemorrhoids. Some causes are: Chronic diarrhea or constipation (from straining), Obesity, Pregnancy, Anal intercourse, Prolonged sitting, Straining during bowel movements. Read this article for more information: doctorshealthpress.com/gene...

It will help you to understand about hemorrhoids.


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