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Hello, I have come here to get some advice from people who really know about IBS so thanks in advance for your help. I went to India in November and 10 days after my return I started suffering from stomach and bowel problems. Starting with cramps and including diarrhoea, bloating and loss of appetite. Over the last couple of months these symptoms have got better and then worse again many times. I have noticed that I am unable to eat much at a time without aggravating symptoms but as yet I haven't identified any particular food that causes a problem. My doctor doesn't think I picked up anything in India as blood tests don't show any infection. He has mentioned that I could have IBS, what do you all think? He has agreed to do a stool test and says that if nothing shows up it must 'just be IBS'. I don't want to be fobbed off with a non-diagnosis and I don't like the way he seems to think that IBS is nothing to worry about. Looking forward to hearing your views.

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That's exactly how most GP / people look at IBS. And no it won't kill you ,but I sure can tell you it can severely disrupt your daily life. So the answer to your question is no don't be fobbed off as though it's nothing. I also can't see how your GP can diagnose IBS without any tests ie colonoscopy just to rule out everything else out. Ask him if you can see a Gastrologist ,that's really your next step. But don't be fobbed off. Myself I've had this dammed illness for12-13 yrs,and many more people have had it longer. I'm sorry I've ranted on so much but I feel passionate about this pain being called ( it's just IBS ). Take care and try and get a grip on it now.


Hi Amanda, I echo the other reply, dont allow your GP to fob you off, many GP's seem to not fully understand and grasp the impact that IBS can have and I would definitely demand (in a nice way of course) that you are investigated further and given a referral. As with many different conditions that are difficult to diagnose you really have to fight for tests (unless you are lucky and you have a good GP) and keep going back until you get somewhere, this is my experience anyway. I have heard of some people's ibs beginning with a bout of food poisoning/tummy bug and this may be the case with you, by the time your GP checked for this it might have run its course and left your system but left you with a senstitive tummy.

Similarly to you, I cannot identify particular foods that set off an ibs flare, even the obvious things like spicy food and alcohol may not always set off an episode, although I try and avoid these to be on the safe side, that is not to say that you wont be able to identify triggers in the future, so keep trying.

I am sure if you keep pestering them you will start to get somewhere, good luck


Thanks for your kind and helpful replies. I seem to be feeling better at the moment. Not 100% but almost. Do you think it's sensible to wait and see if things continue to improve before going back to my go or should I carry on pushing for more investigation?


I would push on with it, if your feeling better that's great and let's hope it goes away, but if not then at least you've started the process, a referral could take a few months to come through so best to get it done as soon as possible, better to have it and not need it than the other way around. Hope that helps :)


Thanks for your help, I'll get back to my GP asap.


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