Hi, I have IBS-c and had an awful flare-up last night - sharp painful cramps from my lower abdomen into my left thigh. Has anyone had this?

Hi, I'm 26 and have IBS-c related to anxiety.

I have been doing quite well in recent months by taking probiotics, aloe Vera and avoiding snacking when stressed.

However I had an awful flare-up last night after a couple of days constipation.

I woke up due to sharp painful cramps from my lower abdomen into my left thigh which lasted for the majority of the night.

Has anyone ever had experience of this?

Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello. Yes I have suffered for many years with the same sort of symptoms and pain, my stomach also swells up so I look like I am pregnant and people have commented on this. I have tried many tablets etc but have found that eating all bran for breakfast every morning has been my only saviour. It doesn't taste particularly nice but I add natural yoghurt and blueberries. It's delicious. Give it a go it may be your answer too.

  • Thanks, I think you're right about having a routine as a preventative method, I'll try harder!

  • Have you tried complementary therapy for your anxiety , counselling and/or reflexology

  • I have thought about it but my GP hasn't suggested it. I should suck it up and ask her! Thanks for the advice.

  • Get back to the GP pronto - they should all be up to speed with complementary therapy now- good luck

  • My GP recommended a hypnotherapist - but I had to pay and it did nothing for me. Has anyone been referred by their GP on the NHS for any complimentary therapy?

  • I also went to see a hypnotherapist on the advice of my GP, also had to pay since it's not available on the NHS where I live. Had to borrow the money to do so with no means of paying it back since I am unable to work due to IBS. I had desperately hoped that it would work and I could recover enough to work and pay back the money but it did nothing for me either unfortunately.

  • I'm sorry to hear hypno didn't work for you either. I think it helps a lot of people with IBS - and in a way it's reassuring to know it's not just me who found it useless. My hypnotherapist said it was very unusual for it not to help - which made me feel rubbish!!

  • "feeling rubbish" should be justification for prescribing counseling of some kind. good luck

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