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Fodmap diet

I went to see a Dietician today and she was very happy with my diet and didn't see why I have been suffering but want to put me on the Fodmap diet but her colleague will need to be trained first - bring it on! I will let everyone know how I get on.

On another note, I have recently cut out Broccoli, Cauliflower and Grapes - I used to eat quite a lot of these things, and my IBS has been better than it was but I am still bloated.

Best of luck to everyone on this site, I hope that we all find some kind of cure in the end.

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thank,s4 that grandmother i was told there was no such thing as a fodmap diet also try colprimin 4 bloatin gud luck with it all ann xx


I cut out broccoli, melon, kiwi, foods with calcium carbonate added, and zucchini. I can eat beans and wheat even though I get gas. It's not the painful kind. Anyone try amitzia? I'm terrified of any new medication.


Unfortunately I have tried most medications but not Amitzia. I was informed by the Dietician that it is someone at my local hospital that is training on the Fodmap diet and the results are really good so I will just wait and see. She was very positive about the diet.

Best of luck to all


I found this diet incredibly helpful. It is hard going to begin with unless you are used to not eating processed foods. It also takes time and perserverance to reintroduce the foods. However, going from several daily incapacitating bouts of pain, I am much better with infrequent milder bouts. Do keep perservering with the diet once you have started, its worth it


Thanks Scubaange. I will work hard with the diet and luckily enough I eat very little processed food as I don't like it. Really pleased for you that it has worked and you are finding it much easier to control.


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