Hi I am following the fodmap diet....loosely as some of the fodmap diet foods I cant eat, in fact quite a few, anyway I am gluten and lactose free, and cant eat eggs and I am writing all my foods down which I have done time and time again over the last 20 years, and I was having a near perfect week, I say near as last Saturday bad day due to wine night before, and then I get to Friday morning and wham.... I wont go into details, but spent a lot of time on the toilet!!! I am now putting it down to some deli ham I had, which I assume contains lots of chemicals preservatives I am wondering is it preservatives and additives that I have a problem with because they are in bread, wine ham....cant explain eggs apart from you might have them with bacon and it may not be the egg but the bacon or bread...........I am rambling I know but this is where my head is ????

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  • Oh poor you! Yes it is confusing isn't it. I have just done the low FODMAP diet and am none the wiser!!! I don't know what to suggest to you and I am in the same position myself. Currently I am not eating processed food or gluten or lactose. How do we know it's not just bad food hygeine??!! Good luck!

  • you sound very similar to me!, that is exactly my diet at the moment, but it is a slightly boring diet don't you find? I am going to nhs dietician in early July, but find some are helpful some just give you information that does not fit with my symptoms, thanks for replying

  • I nearly finished the Fodmap diet. I agree it's very boring but even some of the foods on that don't agree with me .I have IBS pain day in day out and I can't say as the diets done me any good at all.I also see my dietician at the beginning of July but I don't think that will do much good .As for people saying keep your mood up and stay positive when your in continue as pain all day that's not easy to do.But I do wish you all well and keep in touch on here because who knows someone may come up with a solution one day x

  • Its nice to know that I am not alone (but obviously not for you) yes would be nice to keep in touch

  • It may be something to do with the chemicals in our food ,but I couldn't agree with you more it is confusing

  • I am on FODMAP too but I do make exceptions as sometimes it gets boring and it does not always make you feel good. At the end of it I think that IBS is a mental condition - our daily pressures and tensions manifest themselves in our bowels. The food we eat helps a lot - but since we are living in the world I don't think I will ever manage to feel good again. I noticed that when I am tense or have some pressures the IBS gets worse, no matter what I eat. So I try to balance food as much as possible to help it out, but I've given up on the idea of finding a solution.

  • I agree very confusing ,I tend to believe my doctor who says if you eat a good diet and have a small amount of everything right down all the food's you eat and if you get a reaction from anything in that day right a comment . Next time you eat anything the same and get the same reaction rule that food element out. Each individual is different it's a very long process but all trile and error. I had a really bad week a few weeks ago and not in a good head space but ha we have to get on with it and figure it out there is people worse off than us at least we are living. When I have a bad time I think it's the end of the world but going on diets is not the answer each one of us has a different reaction to different foods. Must admit some things that have lots of preservatives in them trigger mine off. By the way I enjoy my red wine but because I don't no what praservatives trigger off the Ibs in this I put the pure wine drops in the bottle to get rid of the preservatives which really helps as long as I don't over indulge then it's my fault.

  • I have chronic IBS it totally takes over my life and until I find some relief I don't call this living

  • I know totally what you mean, I feel like that every other day, and then think I need to carry on and try and find what this is! I know it is something to do with the food that I eat, not the 'its all in your mind' that people tend to think....I have done well today avoiding all foods with additives and preservative including wine and favourites and I even tried egg which usually sets me off and I have been ok...............touch wood I will let you know how I get on tomorrow ....but please know you are not alone and I feel your pain...take care

  • I've suffered with IBS for 20 years and fodmap helped but what's really made the biggest difference is the low chemical diet called failsafe from RAPH allergy hosp in Oz. It involves elimination of artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives and also the little known about natural bio chemicals called salicylates, amines and glutamates. It's something I'd definitely recommend you look into and can give you more info if you're interested.

  • Yes more info would be great thank you

  • I agree with you totally about it (being all in the mind) But I will say when the pain gets really bad I get very frightened and anxious and I know that makes it worse but my Dr gave me Diazapam for that which usually helps,I always think I'm going to end up in A-E.I must say it is nice to talk to people on here with the same problems,I always live in hope someone will come up with a solution.Im on the Fodmap diet but I can't say it's made the slightest difference.But there again what works for one don't work for another.Anyway good luck and keep in touchXX

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