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Ibs and cold

I think I might of caught a cold and last night I went to bed nauseous then this morning I woke up with stomach pains nausea pain in my side and back and generally feeling tired and run down (even my stye on my eye is achy so much today) 😓 This is the first time I got ill since I developed my ibs 😭 I was wondering does anyone symptoms get worse when they are ill? 😮

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Before I had IBS the only time I used to get an upset stomach was when I had a cold. I am full of cold now and am living on Imodium as it’s bad just now, I’ve got a really bad cough so am wondering if it is the cough medicine causing it or if it just worse when you are ill with something else.

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Hmmm I used to get colds but I never felt this tired and had stomach ache like I do I cant tell if the run down feeling is caused by ibs or my endometriosis 😮


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