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IBS and certain food what to have and not to have?

Hi guys. Can anyone recommend me a diet to go on for IBS. I got up this morning feeling fine and I had some toast with butter and an hour later I have really bad stomach bloat and feel sick and have a horrible not feel next to my rib cage. Food I know I can't have. Pot noodles, pork pies, anything that has pie or pastry I can't have, ham seems to give me stomach bloat really bad, muffins, chocolate, sprouts, crisps.

I can have milk but not all the time if I drink a lot of water it gives me constant bloat. Some foods causes constant diarrhoea and some causes constipation. Pizzas causes me to be constipated. Would anyone have any ideas?

If I lie on my left or right side it causes me to have nausea.



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If you suspect that food is one of the causes of your IBS, you may want to take advantage of the knowledge that I have. Because of my job and website (Specialist nurse in food intolerance. foodintolerancesolutions.com) I have for several years been receiving emails asking for help to enable people to discover the reasons behind their symptoms.

Based on stats that I have collected since 2003 and experience gained doing this job since 1995 I have written a book 'Food Intolerance Solutions.) be aware that a study I did in 2011 found that people were only 17% accurate in their assumptions of which foods gave thenm tummy symptoms. So this come close to explaining why people's assumptions about causes of pain, bloating wind etc isn't always consistent.

Read the book totally as it has loads of case histories in it which I hope will help you to see which might be your problem foods / drinks.

If you do follow my suggestions and see improvement but are not completely better you will at that stage always have the option of contacting me via my website by email for some further help.

Book available on my website or from Amazon.

Good luck Jack


i have found choc.kale. icecream. curry do sometimes have bad effect ive just been watching what i eat as there is no cure but sometimesim fine stress also doesnt help i have started taking imodium which does help if im going out then i have to take something to make me go it is so embarrasing especially when out and about .med.73


Hi patricia here I suffered with ibs for ten yrs & it never got any easier did not matter wat I ete the symptoms never went the pain the dyria the constipation in the end I just put up with it ibs never goes but now I have coeliac disease a autoimmune disease that attack it own tissue mine was never ibs so if I was you I would say to the doctor is it ibs gud look take care patricia


Its the toast, Google low fodmap diet, follow it, makes all the difference


Michellevan3 what do you mean by the toast??


You need to follow the FODMAP DIET xx

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