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Ate garlic by mistake last night! Now I have bad D! Anyone else get this or is it a virus?

Hi everyone! I know it's not exactly a big deal but I'm feeling pretty dreadful right now. Moved house yesterday and so me and my partner ordered a pizza as it was easy, bought gluten free to help a bit however didn't realise that they must have put garlic in there!! Anyway today Ive already had D 3 times! Is this normal for an IBS tummy reacting to garlic or do you think it's a virus? I don't feel like I have a temp. Thanks for reading!

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Hi there. I have a bad reaction to garlic and onions too! Before I used to love to cook with garlic and onions but can no longer do it :( so, yes it might be what you are reacting to. Also, are you lactose intolerant? I am so that would be a double whammy for me. If we react to garlic it is a fructan ( in the FODMAP world) so we are sensitive to them :( I hate this....it is so hard to stay on a strict diet.....I've had IBS for about 2 years and still cant do it. I am waiting for a referral to try Xifaxin...which treats SIBO...which I think is the root cause of all the bloating.


I have the same thing with garlic. It always causes me a problem if I have even a tiny bit. I ate two garlic dough-balls last week and that was enough to cause several bouts of D. Hope it calms down soon for you.


yes its normal as garlic and onions set me off as well.


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