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Using lopermide in advance of travel - will it cause constipation

Not knowing when diarhorrea will strike but a long haul plane trip planned, could you take lopermide beforehand or would you run the risk of creating constipation. Don't generally get constipation with IBS. Tried avoiding onions,garlic two of my favourite ingredients. The smell from diarhorrea is terrible and on a plane!!! Thanks for any advice.

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I went on an 11hr flight to America this year and this is something I did. I took two imodium instants after my breakfast in the morning (which was something plain like rice cakes and bit of smooth jam) and also some windsettlers.

Then I carried them both with me and if I had any more loose movements would take another. On the plane though I didn't need anything else except wind settlers, as flying does seem to make me bloated!

Unfortunately it did make me constipated (for about a day or two after) but I just ate some extra fibre and was fine after that. As I suffer from IBS-D mostly I'd much rather be 'blocked up' on the flight or for a few days then the other way round lol!

If you do it watch out for the wind though. The wind settlers were great for me. I took them before I had my airline food and they definitely made a difference.

Hope that helps! Everyone's different of course so the best thing is to experiment a bit before you go if you've never taken them before.


I use immodium one or two as preventitive for travel ,golf, social occasions and works well..

as long as these occasions are concurrent then constipation can become a problem.


Hello many thanks for the response. I have had IBS for many years though it has been fairly random. Recently the episodes are much more. Frequent in fact every few weeks. The main problem is uncontrollable diarrhoea and the worry of not knowing when it will come on and so I thought of lopermide. Does anyone know if the melts are more effective quicker? I have just joined network and found everyone very helpful. Most uplifting!


Sorry replied to calista and intended that to be for you. All comments from everyone most helpful


I do the same, take the instants and carry them with me. Rather

Be blocked for a day or two than have an accident. I also do not have breakfast until on plane and take a banana with me in case ravenous.


If I'm going on a journey, or out for the day, especially on a ramble where toilets aren't always available, I have porridge made with water for breakfast and take two immodium before going out, and so far this hasn't caused constipation for me. Gives me added peace of mind that my stomach will behave, which also helps as anxiety can trigger off an IBS flare-up. Have recently started taking a medication called Kolanticon` (available without prescription from a pharmacy) and am finding this very helpful, especially as an anti-flatulent! I take it about 20 mins. before a meal. Good luck to you.

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I use Loperamide on a daily basis ... anything from 3-6 a day and still have diarrhoea. Only way for me to prevent accidents is to take 50mg of amitriptylene at night and Loperamide during the day


What does amitriptylene do!? Can't stop diarrhoea?


Do the melts work quicker than the capsules? I fear I cannot leave the toilet and can be there easily for an hour with diarhorrrea and just want it to stop. The next day you feel like you have been kicked in the stomach and feel very delicate.

Everyone is so kind by answering. It is good to know there is help.


Have you tried changing your diet to see what causes the diarrhorea instead of just taking medication ?

I found that all dairy products gave me diarrhorea


I have been keeping a diary for two months and there is no correlation between the diarhorrea and food. I don't ear dairy but have heard activa yoghut could help


Hello, If I feel my day is going to cause me problems or you have to travel far I take 1 loperimide,this works within an hour usually but it can cause constipation later on,try and drink regularly to reduce this but it will get you through the journey.I have spent 28 hours on a bus from wales to Spain,the bus had a toilet but funnily enough I never had to use it,just knowing it was there relaxed me 😊.The bus did stop for breaks though I didn't go 28hrs without the loo 😅.


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