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Continuing to struggle with IBS-D and Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) after 15 years


I've found IBS-D and IBD to be a moving targets. I've had both since 2006 while still working. I retired in January 2014. I cope with the IBS-D and IBD by seriously restricting my diet. I'm also lactose intolerant and have periodic bouts with ulcerative colitis. I tolerate almond milk well as well as chicken, turkey, seafood, quinoa, bananas, mangos, carrots, and green beans. Most of the time, I avoid products with gluten, since my gut seems to prefer that, although I can't tell for certain if I need to do so. I'm looking for suggestions, tips and what others do to deal with their IBS-D.

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I was first diagnosed by a gastroenterologist with ibd - uc in 2006, that was confirmed with a subsequent colonoscopy. It was brought under control with Balsalazide disodium that I continue to take to this day. I've only had 5 flare-ups of ibd - uc since 2006 that have been treated each time using Cortenema to bring it back into remission. In 2007, while still in remission from the first episode of ibd - uc, I began having ongoing diarrhea that the same gastroenterologist diagnosed as IBS-D. So, I have both ibd - uc and IBS-D. I have had a colonoscopy every two years since 2006. During 3 of the colonoscopies, one or more polyps have been removed and tested, each time showing them to be non-cancerous. Because IBS-D, like IBS-C is a functional disorder, colonoscopies do not reveal the existence of either. Instead, my gastroenterologist has diagnosed my IBS-D by process of elimination.

Throughout this 11 year span, I have worked with a registered nutritionist to make sure I am getting appropriate nutrition. My primary care doctor has periodically done extensive blood testing to be sure I continue to get adequate nutrition. My blood work always shows that I have no problems.

are you sure that you tolerate all the foods that you have mentioned ?? because from my experience these are the key triggers to Diahrrea !!

meanwhile I live on the trio/ combo " Librax / Buscopan and of course imodium " even though this will not totally get rid of the D , but at least it gives me more time between bathroom trips and lower the frequency ..but not a total cure .

I'm looking into a new drug called Viberzi ..waiting for it to be certified in our country as it's only available now in the U.S under prescription it's specifically designed for ibs /D .

it seems you did everything needed to be done for precise diagnosis and treatment but sometimes things are just out of control for whatever reason ..this is how frustrating is IBS /D doesn't sleep or go into "remission" like IBD diseases and the medical community still didn't reach the root cause to this debilitating illness 😳

Please ask your doctor for a test for Dysbiosis.

You mentioned gut fermentation! This can be caused by having a condition called Dysbiosis, try and get a test for this!

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Since my gastroenterologist is leaving the community, I have an appointment on Wednesday, 11/29/17, with another gastro doc who has an excellent reputation and is known for working well with patients. I intend to mention to my new gastro doc the responses I've received to see where to go next. Thanks again, everyone. -Paul

Eternity78 in reply to paulf6

please keep us updated with your progress ..Good Luck 🌹

Hi there thank you for your reply, I would love some info sent to me. Yes I had Dysbiosis and ended up having a faeces transplant! 🙈🙈

Yes , not 100% perfectbut very good.

Have you been tested for candida overgrowth? X

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My current gastro doc was not big on looking at how to deal with IBS. I'm seeing my new gastro doc for the first time tomorrow. I intend to ask her about testing, elimination diets, etc. I'm going to start from scratch to see how she can guide me. I'll let the group know what I find out.

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Good luck


Hi Pail,

If nutrition has taken you as far as it can, it's maybe time to consider other potential root causes. This article may be of interest:


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