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Has anyone been diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth)

Hello, I have suffered for year with what I was told was IBS, the past two years it has got really worse so I have had lots of tests done etc, today I went for the breath test for SIBO and it was a positive, so now they will send a letter to my doctor at the hospital so now sure how long that will take etc. Has anyone been diagnosed with it and what treatment did you get and did it work? cheers

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Hi there I have been diagnosed with similar illness but it’s called Dysbiosis! It is bacterial over growth. It then causes your food to ferment and one has a huge stomach. And I’ll all the time. I had to go off all carbs as bad bacteria live off carbs, garlic tablets every day and a good probiotic every day. When that didn’t do the trick I stayed as above but was put on a gut only antibiotic to kill off the bad bacteria for a few months then 500 billion strength probiotic. I was reasonably well for awhile but it returned so I ended up having a faeces transplant.🙈now 90%well after 5 years of looking nine months pregnant with twins!

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