Ibs and hunger

Hi this is my first post and I was wondering does anyone wake up at night or the morning with nausea and pain and fever and almost faint because they havent had food in time but even after food it takes hours for the pain and nausea to calm? Also does laying down flat on your back help anyone as well as using a hot water bottle? I'm trying to find out if my symptoms are endo or ibs 🤔

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  • I don't suffer the way you are but do occasionally get nausea and take travel sick tablets to alleviate the symptoms and they do work for me, I use Stugeron. Have you been diagnosed with IBS? I also think you should go to the doctor and get checked out. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and was diagnosed with IBS following those procedures.

  • Thanks for replying. A while ago I was tested for celiac and crohns at the doctors they both came back negative so the doctor said I had ibs caused by anxiety after therapy it got slightly better but it was still there I've lost over 2 stone in weight because of it the only way its calmed down is cutting out gluten and dairy 😮 I've found out that ibs can be linked to endo(which I'm being tested for) I was wondering if its bad ibs causing pain or endo 🤔

  • You are welcome and by reading what you have said above I would hazard a guess that it may be endo rather than the IBS but of course IBS can be so different for everyone but I haven't seen the same symptoms you have described above on this forum.

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