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What do I do?

I was diagnosed with a IBS flare-up about six weeks ago. The flare-up occurred at a time when there was a lot of stress in my life. I felt that I was in a vicious circle of stress causing the flare-up and the flare-up impact on my stress. I am sure that there are those who view this site who have been through the same thing.

I eat smaller portions of what I do eat and I have cut out much of the sweet stuff I used to eat. Yes, I had a vicious sweet tooth! I have had the odd minor twinge but I can live with that. I thought this would be a good excuse to get a really healthy diet but now food is not fun any more. I want to be able to enjoy my food again. Help!!!!! Any suggestions welcome. Please bear in mind that I can only cook in a microwave. Let's start with breakfast. I don't like the same thing every day, I like a bit of variety. Also I need suggestions for packed lunches for work.

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Well, if you can only cook in a microwave that's definitely an issue because you won't be able to have a lot of variety. Pre-cooked meals carry a massive amount of stuff that triggers IBS symptoms so stay away from those. Sadly, so does bread and products made with refined flour.

Starting with breakfast, I'd say make youself some chia seed pudding every night for the morning after. You can make it with fruit juice, hemp milk, coconut milk, almond milk... avoid dairy. Add some cut fruit to it, coconut flakes, or pure cocoa nibs (don't overdo that cause chocolate is a trigger too).

Packed lunches, well, you can cook eggs in the microwave or in the kettle. So I guess you'll have to look for salad recipes and egg recipes. Maybe there's a good microwave recipe book out there? But definitely stay away from pre-cooked goods and cold meats. They will only make things worst. If your IBS is D, try avocado.


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