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Terrible pain

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Since may 2012 I’ve had this on and off sore stomach like I have the runs I go to the loo I am in so much pain I get all dizzy Nd sweaty and close to passing out I need a fan and flannel to get me threw it anyone else had this today my stomach has been aching since last nights episode I hardly ate anything yesterday. Used a hot water bottle to soothe my stomach nightmare getting doc app here hopefully get tomorrow

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I hope you have managed to get an appointment with the doctor. You haven't said you have IBS and if not tests will need to be carried out i.e. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy before I was diagnosed. I use Buscupan and a hot water bottle for pain.

I hope you are feeling better today.

Hi, yes I can relate to all you have written!! I think the pain is as bad, if not worse, than childbirth! I don't know where to put myself, cant stand, sit and ,iterally try every position to try and ease the pain. Profuse sweating and sometimes vomiting (acid like). It's a nightmare and I feel for you. Last time I had a flare up, I just kept saying the times table to try and not think k about the pain. My goodness, I must look like a dishevelled and deranged woman by the end of it. Hope it passes soon!! X

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