Thin bowel movement in ibs-d

Is it typical for ibs? Thin as a pencil and long (usually if it happens in quick succession of a meal) and matched with an incomplete movement, causing to get up and then sit down again until you're sure it's finished (Far as i know this is also a symptom for bowel cancer) or small pieces that's not as sticky but as little as peas in volume and more obvious when it's complete. Yeah i know it's a messed up bussines to mention but just wonder if anyone experience these. ( I'm using loperamide hydrochloride, which i think doesn't prevent the fast movement of food but reduces the water content if only it's not a supercharged fast movement led by a severe anxiety and if enough time has passed after having meal) never having normal sized movement anymore, wonder if it's possible in the case of ibs-d without having anything obstructing bowels.

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  • Although I have constipation dominent IBS I have similar problems but I have found that following a low FODMAP diet under the guidance of a dietician is helping enormously. I am still on the elimination diet and yet to start the challenges so we have yet to see how that works......

  • I am starting Fodmap diet on Monday

  • I am starting Fodmap diet on Monday

  • What is Fodmap diet?

  • Yep. I call these “worm poos”. No idea why they happen sometimes but not others and they do happen on several occasions within a short space of time!!! What a treat!!! Why won’t it all just come out at once??? 😡

  • It's not only me, as it turns out. I'm just trying to prove myself that I'm not cancer. It wouldn't surprise me that much though, if i were diagnosed so. Thanks for your replies.

  • Yep. Got these pencil poos too. Was worried for a while but now realise it is part of the condition. Rabbit droppings too! Guess it is all down to spasms in our gut.

  • i know what you mean terrible pain like being in labor fever feelike passing out holding on for dear life sometimes violently sick hot cold shivering pain so bad long worm likestools yet no pics. but all others when shown .we must be only ones. feel so weak after.had it years but lasr 3 years worse much worse. fybogel the only thing off doc. slight improvement.sorry cant be and yes i was told looking at bowel cancer had also 4 or 5 colonoscopys flexioscopy dont hurt but uncomfortable. waiting to have another colonoscpy as i have new lump polyp about 1 inch tall right on the bend akward goodluck love hope you go on ok.

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