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My son

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My son

It's been awhile since I have posted on here as my 15 yr old son has managed his IBS very well. Until Wednesday. He had open evening at school. The class where he was stood was warm they weren't allowed to take their jumpers off. He suffered from a headache, stomach ache and said his sight went blurred for about 5 mins.

He is okay now though but had informed me he'd been to the toilet at least 3 times before setting off for school and when he got home at least twice. Same on Friday. He's good again now though.

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Sounds like its anxiety about open evening that set him off.

I agree. Anxiety really affects IBS and also he could have been dehydrated. When I have a flare up like that I drink more fluids now because of symptoms of dehydration like blurred vision headaches. Awkward when they’re at school though. My granddaughter is 15 and complains they can’t always have a drink of water often enough

Yes combination of nerves and the heat. Sometimes the physical sensations of feeling too warm and not being able to change the situation due to restrictions can make the anxiety worse. He handled it as best as he could. Imodium in morning if toileting is a problem. Lots of water. X

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