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My son

Hi as some of you know my 15 yr old son has IBS. He's had a couple of small accidents this week once on way home from school. Then again later the same day at home.

My question is if we happen to be caught up in traffic say on a motorway going to Birmingham , and he needed the toilet. Would we be in our rights to go down the hard shoulder to the nearest services as an emergency. Where would we stand with this.

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Have you tried any of the changes suggested previously to his diet? A 15yr old should not have to be worried about whether he will have an accident or not.


We're are slowly trying different things


Hi yes we're trying to slowly change his diet. He has cut out cheese. No more fizzy drinks not that he was big fan of them any way.

He loves chicken.

We are slowly introducing gluten free to his diet.

He's eating more fruit which he's always loved,

Cut down on the sweets. And biscuits. Everything is one thing at a time and slowly reducing it.

He's not worried about going to the toilet but I was wondering what would happen if the scenario came up. Of being stuck on the motorway due to an accident or road works

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Fruits and some vegetables are my most potent triggers. It's worth trying the low FODMAPS ones, and skipping out on the high FODMAPS ones


I have a friend who takes a bucket, inserted with carrier bag, for emergencies. Doing this sort of thing takes away anxiety.


Hi what is your GP doing about all this; can a 15 year old have emodium and other meds while you wait for the diet to work ?

Be carefull with some fruits Plums, figs and some other fruits are a no-no.

Is your son under any stress at all; GP could help with a referal for relaxation methods and maybee counselling.

Its really sad that your son should have this when he is only 15; my freind doughter has it too BUT consultant has said there is a link with rhumatism and autheritis.

I feel for you; we feel helpless when our children have this kind of problem.

Very Very Best Wishes


Try cutting dairy completely from his diet -pfor at least 2/3 weeks - use a vegetable based spread and almond milk - keep a food and symptom diary to monitor the changes

Try not toput himon a gluten free diet at the moment as this might increase his blood sugar levels

Look it up on the web to see the side effects


Hi Chadd here, I were having the same problems recently so I decided to look at my diet, and I saw my G.P. to get some dietary advice and I have made some changes that seem to be working for me. It is trail and error for me I had to stop one activity the other day because of my need to use the toilet, so it was at that point I decided something needed to be done.

I have started having more fibre in my diet by having high fibre breakfast cereals and soya milk and almond milk and more fresh fruit and fruit juice, but before changing your son's diet consult your son's G. P. to ascertain his needs he may have an food intolerance problem and only a G.P. or dietician can check this out properly


Have you taken all grains out of his diet? Try putting him on an autimmune or Low FODMAP diet. That's awful & embarrasing for a 15 yr old


Sadly, you would be breaking the law if you used the hard shoulder to drive on, unless instructed by a Police Officer. You have my sympathy it's an awful condition.


Hi try to follow FODMAP, keep food diary, use Imodium, look at anxiety relating to IBS too x


There is a scheme can't remember the name that gives you a card to carry that allows you to use any toilet that's signed up to scheme. Sorry that sounds vague I'll google it. Helps when shop staff say sorry toilet only for staff


Got a radar key and card


Get a radar key and an i cant wait card. If you google it it will come up. I believe you cam get them on here. I think you might get away with pulling over on the hard sholder to let him go in a bush.


Got the radar key and card already


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