My son

I've posted on here recently about my 15 year old son.

He had a bad week last week with his IBS. With back ache and cramps, he went to school soiled himself on way home twice.

He didn't go to explorer scouts as they were outside on the moors no where to go.

He does eat a lot but never puts weight on.

But he is a happy boy and getting ready for his mock GCSEs.

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  • I feel for him, so young to have this on his shoulders, it must be really hard for you both.

    Does it ever get easier for him?

  • I understand what that feels like. I've been incontinent on several occasions, starting from my early twenties. Has he kept a food diary? Or done the FODMAPS elimination diet? I was able to reduce about 75% of my urgency with food changes. It's a pain to sort out. Most of my triggers are particular fruits and veggies, and corn is particularly evil and in everything (corn starch, corn syrup, gluten free products, etc).

    One trick that has saved me from a close call is to distract my mind when the sudden urge hits. I'll repeat a mantra again and again in my head, something like 'this too shall pass'. Because the alternative is to think that I'm going to poop without a toilet, and as soon as I think that it's all over. By distracting myself I can buy myself some time to find a toilet. In a pinch if I'm particularly anxious I'll wear a diaper. I realize this probably wouldn't help much, but it provides some psychological comfort. This is important as the more stressed I am, the more likely I am to have IBS flare-ups.

    Let us know if you have any questions, or he can come here and vent to an understanding audience. I'm happy to answer any questions, publically or through the private message.

  • We have cheese upsets him. And fizzy drinks so he has cut these out of his diet.

    Usually though anything can trigger it. Excersise at the gym. Walking etc.

  • Fizzy drinks makes me think of fructose or corn syrup. Watch to see if other corn products bother him.

  • Ask for a test for Dysbiosis.

  • What's Dysbiois

  • Dysbiosis is when the bad bacteria take over our gut and bowel, causing undigested food to ferment in the gut. Sounds simple but makes one very ill.

  • Hence bad flatulence etc

  • Sometimes he can go for days without a flare up then all of a sudden he can have a bad day or week.

    He's got his mock GCSEs coming up soon so he'll prob be stressed for those so it'll prob flare up then.

    He's great full the teachers and scouts now understand that he may need to nip to the toilet whenever he needs to. We have found cheese and fizzy drinks upset him.

  • Yes, fats and fizzy drinks badly effect me too. Oily bowel motions? Try garlic tablets and a good probiotic.

  • He has said weather they are oily. Also if he sits in a position for to long he gets stomach cramps.

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