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My son

Well after months of not having accidents, but stomach cramps and back ache, my 15 yr old had a accident on way to school this morning. Luckily he was close enough to walk home and change. He did though get quiet upset about it.

He's ok now though and continued on his way to school. Had a good day whilst there.

It can be upsetting for all the family. He actually said mum when I get married when I'm older what do I do if it happens again.?

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That's awful what about trying amitriptyline the doctor can give him a mild dose. I take 25mg it is a ssri drug so you might not want to do that as he is young but it was the only thing that worked for me to get a normal life. Still not great but at least I could take those and go out. If I got a bad bout I would take Imodium then. Hope it helps.


Oh bless him. He is so lucky to have a mum he can talk to about it. I have no answers but keep badgering your gp for help.


Hi Sophie What have you tried for the Ibs. I read in one of your other posts that your so gets ulcers and has halitosis which must be all very distressing for him.

Have you tried cutting out some food groups. Try dairy first, it is pretty easy. Then try gluten. If that doesn't help have you heard of the low FODMAP diet. It been proven to work in about 75% of cases of people with Ibs.

If you want some more advice about any if the above let me know and I can give you some pointers if that would be helpful and details of where to get additional support.

Good luck


Since he was diagnosed with IBS in April and is now on buscopam and some tablets not sure of their name his bad breath has subsided. I'm a dental nurse so I'm meticulous about oral hygiene. Also I get him to clean his teeth on a regular basis. On his way to school he will chew sugar free chewing gum.


I seem to recall some sugar free products can result in diarrhea. Maybe check out the contents.


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