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VMR OR STARR surgery???

I am 28 years old fairly active good health normally. Three years ago I started suddenly out of the blue with a severe chronic case of IBS resulting in constant dioreah, literally everything I put in my mouth went straight through me I lost an enormous amount of weight which I couldn't really afford to loose and became very ill and occasionally vommiting. Stomach in constant pain after loads of tests and no improvement i researched and found the FODMAP diet which really helped it was difficult but the results were great but unfortunatly the damage was already done and after a few colonoscopys it resulted them finding a large ulceration in my bowel. This then resulted in a poctograme which I was finally diagnosed with grade 2 rectocele and intussusception been to see surgeon today and said I need to have surgery but both come with huge risks and potential life changing operations which could leave me incontinent, or sepsis or chronic pain along with other problems my surgeon is going to have a meeting regarding my case with different surgeons and drs ect but give me the two options to research myself so I am fully informed of the risks ect can anyone advice me or let me know if they have had this done ect

Really scared and nervous and really overwhelmed please anything will help

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Hi Lea89, Maybe best to deal with this as elective surgery. My son in law had something similar in his early thirties, misdiagnosed as coeliac disease initially. About 7 years ago, he had to have emergency surgery and it was found that he had an ulcer and intussusception. The damaged section of bowel was successfully removed and although he took some time to recover, he made a full recovery and went back to work. He was always a string bean, really skinny, but after his recovery, he started to regain weight and is now a normal weight for his height and physically fit and well. He still has to be careful about what he eats to some extent, but it was a successful outcome.

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I had a brief look and found this link, dont know if it helps ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...


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