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Slow transit and surgery

I've suffered with chronic constipation for 15 years now and can only go using suppositories.

I have been offered surgery to remove my colon to hopefully solve the problem, but I'm not having much luck in finding other peoples experiences of having this surgery for the same problem. I'm hearing many downsides to it which is really putting me off but I've reached a point where I'm so fed up that something needs to be done.

Would really like to hear other people's experience and has it changed the life for better. Thanks

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Hi Lucy

I had 1/3 of my large bowel removed 2 years ago as I was in hospital 15 times in 2 years with bowel obstruction. I had every test and scan going and was diagnosed with slow transit constipation. I also have a severe under active thyroid which doesn't help. I was on so many laxatives before my surgery but still got obstruction as my bowel was very long loopy and floppy and would fold over itself. My surgery took 5 hours and I was in hospital for 2 weeks. I was back at work 5 weeks after my surgery. I am so much better now but am on a gluten, dairy and soya free diet. I only need to take 1 to 2 laxido a day now. Will be happy to answer any more questions.

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If you can get any other ideas, keeping your colon would be a good thing.

I am in the US and got a hold

Of a product that's helped me so much.

Have you had multiple opinions? Have you seen any alternative people like chiros, energy healers or acupuncture? I am sure you're at your wits end but there may be one or two other things to try.

The product is a powder called GI revive and it had made a big difference.

Great wishes,

Surgery or not.

Lmk if you are in the US we could have a chat.


Are you in the UK? I've been the same for over 20 years and have recently been diagnosed with a paralysed bowel. I've been given naloxegol and linaclotide to stimulate muscles around outside of bowel. I'm in the first few days and so still getting used to them, but they may be worth a try before major surgery?


Before my surgery I was on 4 laxido a day, linaclotide 250 and magnesium hydroxide and still getting obstruction. My bowel is also paralysed so surgery was the only option for me. It's the best thing I did as I was constantly in agony and in hospital.

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I have similar problems caused by intersussepcion of the bowel. However I have been using the qufora mini irrigation system daily for a couple of years now and it has made things manageable. I was first prescribed the qufora by a colorectal nurse and now get it through my GP on prescription. I would recommend trying it.

I have been given the option of considering surgery but it would involve mesh to hold things up and doesn't seem to have a very good success rate.

Best wishes.

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Hi I have just been diagnosed with intussusception and have my first appointment with the consultant next week. The thought of surgery terrifies me.


Good luck with your appointment. Let me know how it goes. I was told they had to try conservative management before suggesting surgery - NHS wise at least.


I will let you know after my appointment next week.


I saw the surgeon and he said I will need a Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy He said they use pig mesh rather than synthetic mesh now which has a much better success rate.


Hello, Lucy2006! Many of us suffer constipation, and it is a frighteningly painful experience. Maddening as well because we suffer in large groups without true help. I can eat a salad, chewing well and voilà severe constipation is on the way. All I ever eat is fiber in foods made by myself. Plus I drink lots of water. Please consult with your Gastroenterologist about products such as polyethylene glycol 3350 or newer expensive Amitiza or Linzess. The last two are prescriptions. You are afterall thinking about surgery, right? You are on a good path researching. My heart goes out to you because I know exactly what it feels like to end up in, well you know, trouble. Take care. All the best.


Hi Lucy,

A few things to try before surgery:

- magnesium: this can be in the form of magnesium citrate, or other natural forms:

- doing some more walking (20 mins min per day)

- seeing a local Reiki practitioner (I have had good results for constipation)

- getting checked for SIBO and Candida:

- reducing stress levels using deep breathing:

Hope something in here helps you,



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