Surgery for divaticulitus

Hi all, I'm goin to see my consultant on 8th Nov, and it's looks like I'm going to have to have surgery for my severe divaticulitus , just wondering if anyone on here has had the surgery, they are going to remove the infected section of my bowel. How did the surgery help and do the benefits outweigh the negative of the surgery. Feeling quite stressed at the thought of it. But if it's my only option is it worth the risk. Thankyou in advance

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  • I had 1/3 of my large bowel removed last year for different reasons. My surgery was tricky lasting 5 hours and I was in hospital for 2 weeks. Once I got home I recovered quickly and was back at work 5 weeks after my surgery. I am now gluten, dairy and soya free as the rest of my bowel doesn't work well because I have STC. I have to also take Laxido daily too.

    Best of luck with your surgery. Do you know how much of your bowel you are having removed?

  • Hi Kerry, thank you for your reply. I don't know how much will be taken away, I have a severe narrowing in the sigmoid part of the bowel, so I won't know until I see the consultant. I'm just worried about the recovery time and the procedure itself. I'm such a wimp and my pain thresehold is not so good. But I've suffered enough with this on a daily basis for a very long time. Just run out of options I think on the mantainence and medication of it

  • Hi, this is second hand info but I have diverticular disease with fortunately only one flare up needing hospital treatment, but suffered for years with 'IBS' so I can sympathise. My friend had very bad diverticulitis with frequent flareups and finally opted for an operation against her consultant's advice I have to say. He wanted to wait until the op had to be done as an emergency op. I think she said it took about 6 hours, she had a colostomy which was later reversed. She was quite poorly afterwards and had an infection later - I suspect she overdid it when she went home. However she is glad she went for it and is really enjoying life now. I have to say she was overweight before and is now becoming much more so so maybe you might need to watch that. I think pain management nowadays is so good you do not need to worry about that.

    A few years ago I opted for a big spinal op, 8 hours surgery, max pain and predicted 18 month recovery. My QOL was so bad I couldn't wait for the day and though the few days after were pretty horrible I am thankful every day I was able to have it. You will know if you are ready to go for it! Best wishes 😃

  • I have severe diverticular decease going that way - keep me informed on your progress - good luck

  • Thank you Neil, I will post once I have seen the consultant, can I ask what sort of symptoms you experience with your divaticulitus. I'm always in pain in the lower left of my stomach and always feel sick and unwell. I'm so fed up with it all, just want my life back

  • I have colonic irrigation every morning at home using NHS treatment - goes well. Still in pain though for about 3 hours using toilet 4 times. After lunch - toilet and pass large pellets via some pain which then goes. Fun days as you can see. But I amstill here. Life was much more difficult before irrigation.

  • I have had diverticulosis for about 15 years and diverticulitis attacks frequently, especially when first diagnosed. One year, I was almost permanently on antibiotics and actually begged my doctor at the time for an op. I really sympathise with those who suffer. My doctor was horrible, I was crying my eyes out when I left the surgery, she said an op was not a good idea, they would remove ALL my large bowel (which I now know to be false) and was generally against the idea and so I continued with the attacks and antibiotics, most years probably 3 or 4 bad attacks a year, each one taking a good month to properly resolve. I am pleased to say, all these years later, that I now am managing things quite well. I take Optibac Daily Wellbeing, Optibac for immune health and Optibac for travelling abroad - not all at once, I alternate them, taking one a day. What I do take daily is Optibac saccharomyces boulardii - one capsule opened and stirred into Greek yoghourt in the evening after a meal. My latest thing, which seems to have REALLY helped is grapefruit seed extract. 10 drops daily in a glass of water, increased to 15 drops in water 3 times a day for a few days at the first sign of 'twinges'. I haven't had a proper diverticulitis attack in nearly a year and am keeping my fingers crossed I have finally found a regime to suit me. (I am now 70 years old) Quite a lot to think about and not cheap. I know lots of people will say anything grapefruit related is a no-no with certain meds (I take levothyroxin, it doesn't seem to make any difference) but I got to the stage I was desperate. Whatever you decide - an operation or looking for probiotics etc. to help, I wish my fellow sufferers well.

  • Hi Firinne, I am hoping not to have a repeat of diverticulitis and I looked up the Grapefruit seed extract which seems to have science behind its use. However there were warnings about avoiding products with additives in - what do you take?

  • Hi Buffafly - I take Higher Nature Citricidal Grapefruit seed extract. They deliver direct to Spain (where I live) from the UK. (I also sometimes order some of their supplements such as B vits, flaxseed oil) I have read conflicting reports about gse - some say the microbial effect is from a chemical added in the process, benzethonium chloride. This link explains that a chemical reaction in the manufacturing process produces diphenol hydroxybenzene which has a similar chemical composition to benzethonium chloride.

    To be honest, I don't really care - as long as my bowels stay calm and work as they should, after all the years of pain and worry - I am happy! The way I see it, with all the contaminants in the air and soil these days, I will risk it :)

    Like most of us, I have Googled and researched expensively, as my doctor(s) over the years have been very little help. I stumbled across grapefruit seed extract from reviews on earthclinic, did some more research and decided to give it a try.

  • Sorry, I meant researched extensively lol. (Although expensively too, at times. :) so maybe a Freudian slip. Grapefruit seed extract is not expensive, though)

  • Thank you!

  • Good luck! I will also say (and this is just my logic, so quite possibly fallible :D ) - if gse does keep the bad bacteria at bay, it may also have an effect on the good stuff, which is why I like to also take probiotics. I have read that actually it doesn't have much effect on the likes of lactobacillus etc but I am a belt and braces type of person. I make sure I take gse and probiotics several hours apart.

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