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horrible bloating after bm


Please help. I am wondering whether anyone else has this symptom. Every morning before I get up, lots of gas comes out. Then when I have a bowel movement ( usually regular) my intestines start severely bloating with gas. It is trapped gas and makes me feel very claustrophobic. It's been going on for at least a year. Just finished 2 weeks of xfaxin

Was hoping it would work, which it initially did for a couple of days after, now it seems to be worse. I am very tired all the time as well, have had many tests that all come back negative. Does anyone has this happen. So need help, its ruining my life :(

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Oh gosh this has been beginning to happen to me. One thing that seems to be helping me oddly is fish oil pills. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m not quite sure why but it’s greatly reduced the gas I’ve been having. No one knows what’s going on with me either. It’s horrible.

I’ve had a colonoscopy but I’m going in for another surgery next week to get my appendix removed and have my bowels and such checked.

Good luck to you and I hope you find something that helps you soon xx

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Hi Zunali

Thank you so much. I have fish oil vitamins. I will definitely try them again. Please let me know if you get any resolution as well. Do they think your appendix is causing it? All my blood work was ok. Sad you have to go through another surgery xx


It's hard to believe they have let possible Apoendicitis go on this long. I thought it was a medical emergency unless they have been treating it with antibiotics. Best wishes. Hope it solves your pain issues.

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Hi you may have food fermenting in your gut! I have, it’s called Dysbiosis. 80% better after treatment. Ask your doctor about it.. 🙈


Have you heard of Dysbiosis?


Thank you, no I haven't heard of Dysbiosis. My symptoms came on about 3 years ago. Initially, I only got lots and lots of gas ( it wasn't trapped )and starting gaining lots of weight for no apparent reason. Its gotten so much worst and the gas is now trapped gas every day. It feels horrible. Prilosec seemed to work for a couple of months, but now, doesn't work at all. Was also taking lots of probiotics as well the only symptom is trapped gas. the xfaxin helped some for 2 weeks but now all the symptoms are coming back and they seem worse :(

I am also in menopause

and up every night with chills and hot flashed so I also started on bio-identical hormones 3 years ago as well. I only take a small now since it started to give me a lot of anxiety.

Any comments are so appreciated, I sit every morning and just want to cry. I am with a dr now at mass general, but he doesn't seem to be doing to much either :(


Hi Hope26

Have you had a Thyroid blood test?

When you mentioned chills and issues with your tummy it maybe Thyroid related?

I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, (Auto immune disease) and I’ve been struggling with bloating/wind, and other symptoms including chills, Hashimoto’s also causes leaky gut.

I’ve gone gluten free, but unfortunately my tummy issues are now coming back, so I’m having to rule out other foods.

It’s just a thought, if you go to your GP for bloods they will only test you for your TSH level.

I ended up paying private for full thyroid blood test and it confirmed Hashimoto’s.

Best wishes


Hi, Peanut Thank you so much for the information. Yes, I have had my thyroid checked twice. It keeps coming back normal. I was able though through my integrative health dr, get a prescription for naturthoid.

it seemed to help some but I couldn't take it. It made my eye's so dry and painful. I already take Restasis for severe dry eyes.


Hi my problem started with trapped wind and pain in my gut then one day my stomach was if I was 9 months pregnant with twins, I felt terribly ill and spent weeks having tests for every form of cancer as the doctors were positive I had it. I saw every speciaIst around and test after test. No one could diagnose what was wrong. After 4 years I moved to Australia and went to a Digestive Disease Centre and they knew what it was. I ended up having a faeces transplant, my husband being the donor as the bad bacteria had taken over my gut and no good bacteria. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hi denvajade

I’ve hadIBS now for about 5 yrs. I’ve heard a little talk about feaces transplantbefore. I gather this has worked for you? Is it quite a safe operation?


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