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Stitch Like Pain left side under bottom rib

Hi all

New here so be gentle....

I've been getting a stitch like pain under my lower most rib on the left side, it started off sporadically but now appears to be there more frequently, particularly the last week or so it is pretty much constant.

It's not unbearable, more annoying really but would like to get to the bottom of it before it gets worse. I have booked an appointment with my GP but not considered urgent so I have to wait.

Occasionally get a similar pain on my left shoulder blade. I have been diagnosed with IBS about 6 years ago but not had any issues with that recently. Was taking colofac but haven't for a couple of years now. Also had been suffering with acid reflux and was taking 20mg of omeprazole for that but again nothing for a couple of years so not taken any recently.

The last few weeks, however, I've been experiencing some burning again and was wondering if it was all related.

Anyone else experienced this and is it something to be concerned about. My Dad's brother died of liver cancer at the age of 48 many years ago and being the eldest brother like him, I've always worried that history will repeat itself as I have a similar job and lifestyle to his. I am now 46!!

Sorry for droning on...

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Hi I used to have the same symptoms as you it got worse and worse, I kept on going going back and forth to the GP as I felt something was not right, eventually they gave me an abdominal scan and discovered a problem with my gallbladder. Having had that out 2 weeks ago I have had no symptoms since. Have you had any investigations done?


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