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Any suggestions for good breakfast

I'm 30 and diagnosed IBS omg my stomach is killing college tomorrow very loose stools. I gotta do school run then go on bus for 40 mins to college then at college 9am till 9pm aaaaaah I think I'm worried that I won't be organised in time and this has triggered it help!! And using the lady's room at college embarrassing omg nightmare x

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Dear Cking...please...please do not be embarrassed... Sometimes we have this habit of thinking we are the 'only' ones that go through bathroom runs and sounds and whatever have you...but believe me...EVERYONE has their own turns...and I am sure you have more sympathy than you could ever imagine... You might consider keeping a supply of Depends on hand if you are worried about an 'accident'... Hang in there...sometime, somehow it will all be ok... Take care.

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Thankyou I will try last time I had ibs was 5 years ago wen I met my ex lol 😂 but think it's starting college I do beauty therapy and have to do non surgical face lifts using electronic equipment and have theory exams coming up think it's the anxiety flaring everything up again x


Strap a couple of sanitary towels to your arse...we've all been there x


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