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Can anyone advise when going to toilet after taking picolax it's ok to use antibacterial wipes ?. Thanks in advance.due a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks and trying to read posts to get informed what to expect as not looking forward to it .

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I can't think of a single good reason why you shouldn't use antbacterial wipes after taking Picolax, although it might also be a good idea to have some on hand which contain a skin-soothing ingredient such as aloe.

Nobody was more freaked-out at the prospect of a colonoscopy than I was, then after it was all over I felt really daft since it was nothing like as bad as I expected.

Even the Picolax prep wasn't that bad; okay, it's advisable to keep some reading material in the bathroom as you'll be in there quite a bit, but that's all really.

On the day of the procedure, you'll be given the choice as to whether to have sedation or not, I opted for this and it worked brilliantly.

Don't do what I did and really fret about it, there's no need. Of course, you'll read about people who have had a bad experience, but remember, it's a fact, that we all tend to complain about the bad things we've experienced and forget to mention the good ones so you'll probably read about fewer of those.

I wish you well with this and hope your results are clear.


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Thank you so much for your answer .it has put my mind at rest.if I have the choice will go for sedation .you have been a great help thanks again .will update when I have had tests and results as it may help someone else.

Hi There, I too had the Picolax as I couldn't cope with the other one, what I did, about a week before taking it I started using Vaseline every night, and when taking the Picolax, use Vaseline again in between, I f you know what I mean, and had no sore bum at all, I also had the sedation and it was absolutely no problem at all, so don't worry, you'll walk it, Good Luck.

Thanks for that handy tip .i shall def be using this .i have some at home.i have made a big mistake by googling symptoms and tick all the boxes for everything from gastric reflux IBS to cancer of the colon ,stupid me but I have said to myself whatever will be will be ,bring it on now .the wait for results will be a pain in the. Rear pardon the expression .will post when I have all results good or bad .thanks again

You are welcome, do let us know how it goes.

Ive had quite a few endoscopies last batch was because they can't get my stomach to empty fully!

Piccolax was last one used one was clearprep one wasnt so hot on as has saccarin! tasted vile!

But emptying don't worry as just water comes out more or less as one if have one is use shower head to clean afterwards.

I don't like anti bacterial things as destroys our protective types as well so leaves you more prone to issues!

Thanks for that useful reply .i will add shower head to my list .nice to know of all these helpful tips in advance..

Well if you have a shower or one in bath it's easy once done to flick head on to narrow pattern and wash below.

Ive another hose that connects to other so longer which has one of those small heads you can get for personnal washing then can use while on toilet.

one of my issues is i can't empty properly often bunged up as so have the Coloplast Peristeen kit

Well I am hoping the picolax works as I suffer from constipation .i shall keep to the diet and drink plenty of water and fingers crossed.strange why you don't clear out .but hopefully you are ok now

100% take sedation, and as much as you can have too. I had full sedation the second time round and knew nothing about the procedure at all! I remember opening my eyes and nurse going dont worry just breath normally its just an oxygen mask and i just kept nodding off for about another 10 mins! Hope it goes well. Oh oh and yes to wipes m, they become your best friend!

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But then you have to have a balanced view, hence good & bad.

I'm sorry but this my experience.

I've had one Colonograpghy & two Colonoscopies. I have to admit two out of three were a terrible experience apart from the last one where I had a mild GA, therefore being asleep I don't remember anything. Also it depends on the Practioners experience. I'm now under a Proffesor at a different Hospital & he wants me to have a fourth one. I had this surprising letter in the post! The other ones were in 2015. I see him this Thursday to discuss yet another Invasive Procedure.

Do have Sedation.

Good luck, perhaps I'm just one of the unlucky ones.


Hi there thanks for your honest reply .i hope they let me have sedation .yes I understand there are good and bad practioners around .i am now at the stage I can't wait much longer ,just want it over and done with .i am sorry you were unlucky with your treatment and hope the next one is much better.do let us know how you get on.i have an ultrasound tomorrow that might show up something .i don't get any sleep at th moment so it's causing me to be miserable and don't want to go out or do anything .its just wait and see now .good luck with your treatment

It's good to hear both sides of the procedure & Glad you appreciate my honesty. I've had IBS since October 2014 & it just suddenly raised its ugly heard. I just want to feel better is what I told the Prof. I've cut out Red Meat recently so I'll see if thats a contributor to it. Also I have Lactose Intolerance. At last I've found some Lactose free ice cream at ASDA. Absolutely scrummy along with chocolate bars too that I've had for some time.

Good Luck again, don't forget your toilet is your 'best friend' after your Prep!!


Wow that's good you found something nice to eat .i was diagnosed by a doctor many years ago as IBS all because of constipation .no tests that's all they did back then but sure have something going on now and won't rest until I find out what .good or bad .but at least knowing what it is would help instead of imagining all sorts of things .i want my life back and get back to my bowling .thanks again .

I honestly don't remember anything about the colonoscopy. I was told I'd be given Diazepam to relax me but, as I already took them regularly, I was given a higher dose. I vaguely remember being transferred to a trolley.............then nothing further as I was asleep.

Just a thought though ; I had the most dreadful external piles on returning home, so my partner hurriedly found polystyrene packaging and made a ring for me to use as I couldn't otherwise sit down. So maybe keep some cream or pesaries handy just in case.

I think you'll be fine m'love !

Cat x

Same here, someone had absolutely terrified me about taking picolax. I was scared to death to be honest, so much so I sent my other half out of the house, I was grumpy and snappy then I took it and waited, think I thought I was going to explode or something.

It was nothing as bad as had been described. I agree with having something to read as you might be in the loo for a while but I'm sure you'll be ok. From what I can remember it was all over pretty quickly, masses of dread in the build up - then I was amazed when it was all - dare I say it - such a let down.

Thank you for that reassurance just what I need to hear .nice to know people care enough to answer.it certainly helps .i know it's not going to be a picnic .note to myself stop googling .thanks again means a lot to me

As you say, it's not a picnic but it was a lot easier than I was expecting. Have to say I'm a big fan of Dr Google myself. It was a colleague who should have known better who scared me.

I have two colonoscopies, both time I used Picolax, keep something handy to read and don't be to far away from a toilet, I used wipes and it worked fine.

I was also given sedation on both occasions, and remember very little and was in no pain, just a tiny bit of discomfort afterwards, but I went back to work the next day.

Its definitely not as bad as people say, so don't worry to much about it. Good luck and I hope all goes fine.

Thank you so much for your kind words .in so much pain now so will do anything that comes my way .

I would take the advice to have reading material at the ready you will need it I used wipe and was okay and I used vasline for my sore bum as well and was ok the meds wasn't that bad I just struggled to drink it I would take the sedation rather than the gas only because I had a bad reaction to the gas (bad trip) good luck

Hi there will take your advice on board thank you so much.i like your name that sums me up right now

Please do not use anti-bacterial wipes. Use baby wipes. They are gentle without alcohol or chemicals. They even have some for sensitive skin. Those are intended for the exposed tissues of the anus etc

Anti-bacterial wipes are harsh.

Baby wipes.

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Ah that's an interesting point will get some in thanks for that ..think I will now be prepared.the information on here has been invaluable to me .baby wipes,Vaseline,good book and patience .thanks again

Good luck! This is a brilliant forum and everyone is so helpful. I too was booked in for a colonoscopy and reached out and everyone like above was very helpful. That has been deferred to an endoscopy and again very helpful in encouragement and expectations. Good luck, please keep us updated as it is always great to hear and or support going forward. Plus add in any tips that you may have come across.

Hi there nice to hear other comments and I agree without this forum I would have been a bit frightened of the Unknown .doctors quite frankly are not what they used to be .i will of course update but when I get results and will pass on any tips .it would be nice to return the favours .it just helps especially as husbands don't know answers either.so forums are a godsend .thank you for posting

Just thought I would update you as had the ultrasound today I asked if she would give me results and she said no will go to the doctor.well after she finished she said to me she found nothing abnormal so good news on that one.so now wait for colonoscopy.hope you get on ok with your endoscopy .

I'd imagine they'd be pretty harsh on your bottom and especially as when you take a prep you're gonna go to the toilet about 15 times so people tend to get quite raw. I used the most natural baby wipes I could find, with just water and fruit extracts as ingredients, no alcohol as this can add to the stinging ( these are called water wipes, available in Ireland not sure about anywhere else). I was so nervous about my colonoscopy but honestly the prep is the worst part, the procedure is fine. you're given sedation so you know what's happening but you're completely calm and remember nothing of it after. Main tip for taking a prep is to get comfy in bed or on the couch with the telly on and your drinks made up ready to drink beside you. Have your wipes ready in the toilet too. May also be an idea to let others in your house know that that's your toilet for the night as there'll be times you can't move from it. It's really not so terrible, id do it again if I had to. Best of luck :)

Picolax it's ok to use antibacterial wipes just keeps your anal area clean the colonoscopy don't worry nothing to worry about nursing staff will look after you

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Thank you for that I have both in store now just in case .baby wipes all water based .so think I am ready now .thanks for your kind words

If you do have full sedation you must be looked after by someone for 24hrs so shouldnt go back to work. It is only a precaution but you will probably be shattered anyway so I would say take a day off if you can

Thanks for that bit of advice .i don't work so lucky enough to rest up if needed .hubby will be with me so ok on that one .have a good weekend and thanks again

How are you getting on?

Still waiting for colonoscopy will be 4/10 will let you know when it's all done.had ultrascan that was ok .thanks for asking .

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