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Need some advice


My 15 year old son has only just decided to tell me that for 15 weeks he was constipated but on Saturday last week it passed, but says he is not passing as much stool he did before, but is still going.

Can it take a few weeks after the constipated has passed for Stool to go back to its normal size.?

Not sire if this was the right place to post, as I am quite new to this.

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Try using golden linseed,that may be all he needs,or more roughage,if not seek advice. Golden linseed is natural,no chemicals. Look on line. Hope this helps. Remember we are all different


The best natural thing to take is higher does of magnesium citrate about 600mg or 800mg if that does not work initially. Take before bed on an empty stomach with lots of water. Read up on the internet about magnesium and constipation. There is a lot of information.

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Don't forget to drink plenty of water too, dehydration often a cause of constipation. Good luck


Thanks for replys guys, I was just concerned when he told me it was like it for about 14 15 weeks, I was annoyed that he didn't tell me but he was probably embarrassed to say, I just thought that 15 weeks could of been something much worse, now he has told me it has passed I feel more relived, but still concerned that he said he isn't doing it as big (Sorry for detail) this is nothing serious is it.

Thank you


I would get him checked at the doctor if he will agree and get some advice. To check if it is IBS which it probably is, if he wont go to the doctor then..

Usually water, flax seeds and fruit and vegetables help but try a little at a time not too much at once if his gut isn't used to it.

Fibogel is also helpful sometimes and can be prescibed - a natural fibre supplement. But everybody is different.

Also worth testing him for gluten intolerance as that can cause problems. Doctor can do that.

The doctor will take you through the logical steps to see what will help.

Also keeping a note of what he eats and how things affect him each day like a food diary - can be a big help if it is IBS to see what helps and what doesn't help. Everybody is slightly different - the NHS website has basic info about IBS.

.....and get a good book on IBS. Peter Whorwell has written a good one. Information does help with this condition there are huge numbers of people with it out there.

IBS network also very helpful.


Hi, thank you I will ask him.


As mentioned earlier by Pat, magnesium can be a real help: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...




Having looked at the link you give, he is showing alot of these symptoms, so I think you have helped with a diagnosis, thano you,

I am going to go and purchase some of the things it suggest for him



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