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Hi I am new to this so not too sure what to write. I am a fun loving lady in my mid 60's I have had IBS and Diverticulitus since I was in my 30's. I have good phases and bad phases. My worst are when I fly, which I do a twice a year. Any form of stress can send me into an IBS D or C flareup. I also have Gastritus and I am on medication for this (Lanzoprazol). I refuse to let IBS stop me from doing things but some times I have to. I get very tired and have to have lots of rest. Getting over tired, having a simple thing like a cold will start it all off. I have tried many kinds of diets over the years. Some work and some don't. I don't have any cows milk products anymore, I get my calcium intake from goat milk products. Fruit and Veg are referred to has the devils food to be avoided at all costs. It is good to read the posts on here and see that I am not alone, because it sometimes feels like that. I feel sorry for my husband because he has to cope with all the strategies that have to go into place before we go anywhere, he's great though and very understanding. I have tried all the things like silicol gel, buscopan, fibogel(don't even go there) and the only thing that helps are anti diaorhea tablets and arrowroot biscuits, when things get out of hand.

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Hi madfox,

I'm sure you'll be glad you joined this community; it really does make you realise you're not on your own at all.

Do you really have to avoid all fruit and veg and, if so, how do you compensate for the vitamin deficiencies in your diet? There are quite a few that give me problems too, but over time (and initially with the help of the FODMAPs diet), I've come to know exactly what they are.

Having gastritis must make food choices difficult for you too - I have reflux and take Omeprazole so can take a stab at what you're up against.

Hopefully, you may pick up some new tips and tricks on here and sharing your own knowledge is often priceless to someone else.

Best wishes


madfox in reply to Hidden

Hi Cat, Thanks for the reply and support. I pretty much have to avoid all fruit, the list is too long. Some veg I can tolerate on some days and not on others, have to keep things like cabbage, leeks, brocolli to a minimum. other green veg I have to avoid altogether. Never tried fodmaps but have gone through various elimination diets, that's how I found out I was having problems with cows milk, spices, blackpepper, oranges, orange juice, soy products, beef and pork. It's a nightmare. Having a motorhome helps with the travelling in the UK and in Europe, can't beat having your own on board toilet lol, but still have to fly to Crete twice a year and soon this will include trips to Malta. I take multivits and try to eat nuts when not in IBS C mode which is not often, I am more IBS D.


Hi madfox

I am the same as u, i got between c and d. I am flying this sat and the nerves are already playing havoc with my stomach...

I went to a allergist who does all foods not just the general foods.

I also have diverticulitus. Brocoli and dark green cabbage i cannot eat but spinach i can and green beans ... fruit im not so sure i stay away apart from once a week when il have a smoothie and im ok with that. Nothing acidy? Ie tomatoes, vinegar....

i also was told to go gluten free/ dairy free and yeast free( as had a candida /sibo problem). I was told to take a good probiotic, three times a day before food, also a good digestive enzyme in morning and before dinner. I also take peppermint capsules... so i dont get wind. Also when im c i have a glug of lactulose solution before bed with pint of water.

All this seems to help!! I eat clean, all my own made foods, alot of chicken..AND LOTS OF WATER A PINT AFTER ALL MEALS SO IT FLUSHES THROUGH UR FOOD THROUGH COLON ( will help with diverticultis.

Try not to stress as this just makes it all worse. Try mayb yoga or meditattion or even a tiny sedative before flying.. or a brandy which i seem to b ok with..

good luck.. stay happy and remember as bad as we get it could always b worse

madfox in reply to Lulububs

Hi Lulububs, Thanks for the encouragement. Gluten free helps for me too. I attend regular Tai Chi classes, they are great for the relaxation. I have had acupuncture for the flying, kinda helps but not every time. I try not to eat processed foods and like you I cook all my food from fresh when eating at home. Can't drink lots of water I have irritable/stress bladder. I don't drink alcohol, that's another source of IBS D. I am going to the Docs next week so I will talk to her about a mild sedative for the flying, could be worth a try. As you say it could be worse, I know people who have far worse things than this, my granddaughter is a Coeliac and that's a whole different nightmare.

Lulububs in reply to madfox

If u cant drink

Alot of water just drink a little glass after food my gastro said it helps flush through food so u less likely to suffer diverticulitus.

I found all the supplements

Helped me, i really couldnt eat anything i lost so much weight i looked

Really ill. Since

Taking all the supplement i can eat again. Dont get

Me wrong i dont eat spice or


Gluten was a

Defo no no for me and bread is a no no... yeast for me is worst culprit

Thanks, I drink mainly water nowadays, like your gastro my Doc said water was best for me to drink especially after food. Wishing you all the best and hope that everything continues to improve for you. Sounds like you had it really bad, with all the weight loss, thankfully that's not happened to me and I hope it never does, not that losing a few lbs wouldn't be welcome but not that way.

I have the same as you and was on Questran light for a few years it helped out a lot but still had to plan days out . Now on Cholestagel I feel better less bad day but still pain in the lower left which I can live with .

I'm exactly like this, any form of travel outside my routine sends me off. It's so frustrating. Currently on a two night trip in London and have been feeling rough. Flying to Florida in 3 weeks and always feel terrible at the airport. I know the anxiety is what makes it worse but can't figure out how to break the cycle!

Hi there I've started taking probiotics after seeing lots of positive things about them - only been a week so can't report on it yet. After a recent flare up I read up on the digestive system our immune system relies a lot on our gut and IBS and flare ups and stress affect the good bacteria in our gut. This then affects our digestion and overall health. Probiotics can fix that. Maybe do some research and see what you think xx

Nicki1984 in reply to Nicki1984

Ps I also follow FODMAP and have counselling and meditate for the anxiety side of things. Also read up on digestive enzymes as a supplement for supporting digestion. X

Glad to hear you are not letting ibs interfer with your life. It's difficult sometimes tho. I'm 69 and hv been suffering since my mid forties. I've also had bowel cancer and with radiation hv an even weaker bladder/bowel. I too take Imodium type tabs on prescription from doc. I wish you well. Mary x

Hi, my situation and age are similar to yours, ibs & diverticulitis. The extreme fatigue as well as all the symptoms often prevents me from getting on with life and yes travelling a nightmare. I live alone so tend to hide my misery. I will be getting jar of sauerkraut (not sure how you spell that) as I read fermented foods can help, like yourself have tried everything else & all hospital tests come back clear. I believe lots of research going on so maybe hope for us - let's hope so, good luck.

It is reassuring to hear from everyone. It sometimes feels like you are the only one who is suffering. I have tried so many things over the years and it is great while they work but it never lasts that long. I have a lot of trouble with any form of medication, having quite severe side effects, fortunately there is one of the doctors at my present surgery who is very understanding. I am at present trying the probiotic route again and have also just started with some Slippery Elm tabs., because I have a bad flare up of IBS D due to having a summer cold. Wishing all of you all the best and hope that you can all find ways to manage this aweful health issue. Madfox

Nicki1984 in reply to madfox

Good luck x


Hello there,

As you know that the fear of flying sets you off, you could find that a hypnotherapist or NLP practician can help you. Both use techniques that can "rewire" subconscious reactions.

Certainly worth a try (do go to someone who has been recommended to you).


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