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Coming off long term PPIs?


Hi everyone!

I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice... I’m a 37 year old woman and was put on omeprazole when I had my first son who is now 10. I was on a high dose of NSAIDS for a long time before this due to hip dysplasia pain.

Since going on PPIs I’ve developed extreme IBS symptoms, low iron levels and lots of other issues. But every time I try to get off of them I develop very bad gastritis which means I have to go back on them again. I am really worried about having been on them for so long and having heart disease in my family as well as just being diagnosed with AS (a bad form of arthritis) it makes it all the more important that I get off of them :( i just wondered if anyone had any experience of being on PPIs for so long and getting off of them without the acid rebound cycle (and how), which for me is causing gastritis?

Thanks so much in advance

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Hi, I was on Ranitadine for 16 years then changed to lansaprazole end of last year due to no more production of Ranitadine and zantac. Took myself of lansaprazole about 11 weeks ago due to pains and bloating worse from stomach round to back and also gritty eyes that went yellow ish in corners. I had pain about 10 days after stopping but pain not as bad as when I was taking them. GP told me to take gaviscon 4 x a day. Then I was ok for about 4 weeks then had another flare up but still no way as bad when taking the tablets. I feel healthier in myself, my eyes are now ok, I am waiting for a scan which is next week to check liver etc ok. I now only take gaviscon before I go to bed and a glass of boiled water. I only have porridge for breakfast with a few raisins every other day, boring but this starts my day off well. I do not eat after 7pm and find I cant eat white bread. I buy fresh baked brown and only have 2 slices lunch time. If I have a flare up I find a cup of sipped boiled water seems to help me. Only meds I am on are enalapril maleate 5mg for blood pressure. I must say I do feel much healthier not taking those PPi This may not work for everyone, but I am hoping I never go back on them. I do find a lot of stress also causes pain. I hope this helps your question, but you will have flare ups while coming off. Mine i hope are getting better. Good luck

Thank you for the tips Nothingimpossible, I’m glad to hear that you were able to get off of them and feel healthier now, I’m sure the PPIs have caused so many problems for me too and I hope I can get off of them soon. Take care and I hope you are able to stay off of them

Thankyou LittleLish47. I really do not want to go back on them so fingers crossed. I wish you well and I hope you manage to control your flare ups. If you need to ask anything please do and please let me know how you get on. Good luck.

Thank you so much Nothingimpossible, it’s been lovely to be able to talk to some people who understand! I wish you well too on your health journey :)

Hi, when I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency, I stopped my Omeperazole after being on them for over 10 years. I was also diagnosed with microscopic colitis and advised to try intermittent fasting to lessen inflammation. I also took up running resulting in weight loss. All these things combined have 'cured' my reflux initially caused by a hiatus hernia. Good luck ♥️

Thank you so much for the tips Karen, I am about 2 stone overweight at the moment which is probably not helping with my hiatus hernia , I will definitely try some light exercise (has to be light because of my AS) and fasting - thanks so much for the tips and it definitely gives me hope to hear that you are feeling much better now :)

Little steps, wish you well ❤️

Hi littlelish, I too have been in omraprazole for over 20yrs. I’m convinced it’s caused extra problems such as low vit B12. I’ve tried coming off without success. Recently I started taking only 10mg per day and ATM I’m OK with that. I’m hoping to cut down even further in the future. Could you speak with your doctor and see if a lower dose was an option?

I wish you luck

LittleLish47 in reply to Edith20

That’s definitely a good idea Edith, I shall speak to my doctors and see, although for some reason my doctors refuse to even think that there may be an acid rebound coming off of PPIs 🤨 I’m really glad to hear that 10mg seems to be working well for you at the moment and I hope you’re able to get off of them completely soon - it’s scary for us people who were put on them years ago when they were touted as the miracle drug and haven’t been able to get off of them since isn’t it!

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