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Hi all, I have been reading " The clever guts diet " book by Dr Michael Mosley, after a member recommend it, not quite read it all, but I also think it's worth reading. So I am now on a quest to try and feed my friendly gut bacteria ( after stool testing, I know I am low with them ) without feeding the bad guys, which I believe I have all sorts !! I am taking Bio-Kult probiotics at the moment. ( Tried so many, even the mega expensive ones with out any improvements with the IBS- C. ) I have just purchased some good quality yoghurt but I am worried that the lactose in it may be a problem, as I usually buy lacto free products. Monash app advises against eating yoghurt, but some other sources say that lactose is low in yoghurt due to the fermentation process. If any one has any thoughts on this, or can recommend any other foods that are low in FODMAPS, but will still feed the good guys, please let me know 😃

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I read the book and found it really interesting. Which company are you using for the testing? I am really unsure of doing it


Hi nixxxi I had a Nutionist who organised the stool testing, the companies she used was Genova Diagnostics and Doctor's Data. Some of the samples were sent to America for testing. Unfortunately the GP's here do not take these tests into consideration. I think I read in Dr Mosley's book of a company he recommends 😃


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