Hi all

Just after some ideas for FODMAP friendly snacks. I work out and about in the community and struggle to find things that I can eat when I am out so trying to get some more inspiration on what I can take out with me or what I can buy out that's ok. So far for me it's bananas, rice cakes, gf ginger biscuits, peanut butter sandwich gf bread...

What works for you!?


Nicki xx

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  • Nicki, Do you mean low fodmap snacks?

  • I do! X

  • Hi Nicki, That's a really good question. I'd love some more ideas in this area too. I have been eating these gluten-free granola bars: Eat Natural is the brand and Cranberries Macadamias and Dark Chocolate is the flavor. They are also dairy free. They have a small amount of dried fruit in them so it just depends on which FODMAPs are your triggers but these have been working for me. I also carry around Nairns gluten-free oat cakes and mixed nuts. Sometimes I'll do carrot sticks or some other FODMAP friendly veg - cherry tomatoes can be a good one in the summer. I would love some fresh ideas as well as these can get old! Good luck! :)

  • Thanks for the ideas I like that eat natural bar too. Another one I remember sometimes to do is celery sticks x

  • I've found some low FODMAP recipes to make a ginger loaf and lemon & poppyseed loaf - going to make them at home so I can take a slice out when I'm working 😀 x

  • I usually have popcorn (check the ingredients as some brands are fine but not all), Pop Chips (salt or salt and vinegar flavour), somtimes strawberries, rice cakes with nut butter. I also bake fodmap friendly brownies which are good x

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